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Why Should You Choose Open Plan Living

An increasingly modern style of living that’s come to light is open plan living. Open plan is defined by large open spaces with no internal dividing walls. Open plan spaces came about firstly within offices. They were designed to minimize the use of small, enclosed rooms. This interior phenomenon has now widely spread to be used in many modern home worldwide. Though having open plan living was introduced as a result of better functioning contemporary central heating systems. If you’re interested in open plan architecture and want to know about some of the features and benefits of the interior design style, then read further.

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Having an open plan home is particularly great for houses that have a smaller square footage. This is because due to the lack of internal walls it gives the illusion of more space. It maximises the floor space within the home and everything is clear and spread out as opposed to being packed into small rooms. Open plan living gives a feeling of grandeur and in fact has great psychological benefits. A clear space creates clear mind.

As there are no barriers or walls within the home the open plan interior design style means that light can flow freely. Not only does this contribute to creating more space and making the air a lot cleaner it is also clear that having natural light within the home helps to produce a more positive atmosphere. Furthermore, by maximising the light within the home you are being both economical and conscious of the environment as it creates more heat within the home.

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Having an open plan house not only great for creating a better home but also for building stronger relationships within the home. By having the space as open as possible with only a few necessary rooms being closed off you are allowing for more interaction with both family members and guests. Studies say that sectioning yourself away from others can have a detrimental effect on mental health and social skills so by having wide open spaces you are cancelling this out and creating connectivity within the home.

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This style of living also allows for a cleaner environment. Having less obstacles within the home makes it much easier to clean and maintain a spotless appearance throughout. This is because dirt and dust cannot collect in the individual rooms and open plan homes mostly have less furniture, therefore less areas to clean.

A lot of contemporary homes follow the open plan architecture and interior design style. Therefore, it follows that if your home is in a similar design then it is particularly modern and would therefore be highly sought after within the housing market.

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Though it is definitely noticeable that the benefits of open plan living outweigh the negatives it cannot be ignored that the negatives exist.  One of the main negatives is in fact directly linked with the benefit of light flow. This is because light flows completely throughout an open plan home which means controlling light in times that you may need to can be difficult. However, this problem is easily solved with the installation of window shutters.


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