Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Mean You Don’t Have to Remodel

There are some areas in the home that we simply just cannot ignore and the bathroom happens to be one of them so decorate today. This is because not only do many of us love to have a contemporary home that Is completely up to date but the bathroom tends to be one of the most unhygienic areas in the home. So redecorating isn’t just something we want to do but more like something we have to.

Having said that just because your bathroom might need a little TLC doesn’t mean that you must go out and purchase an entirely new bathroom interior from your nearest B&Q. In fact, a modern bathroom can be achieved with some hard work on your behalf and some concentration. Your motto should be dedicate and decorate.

Of course the appliances in your bathroom will need to be thoroughly cleaned and I suggest using a steam cleaner to do so and het rid of any unwanted dirt or bacteria and leave your bathroom surfaces looking squeaky clean. If your bath, shower, toilet or sink are beyond repair then you may have to bite the bullet and accept that you will need a new one. Sometimes you have no option but to buy rather than decorate.

Décor can play a major role in any part of the home but perhaps even more so in the bathroom. So if in doubt pay close attention to your aesthetic. Firstly, you should consider the theme that you want to go with for your bathroom to be able to choose any accessories. Most people tend to go for an aqua themed bathroom or nautical however a modern trend that seems to have blown up is decorating your bathroom similar to that of a spa.

This theme isn’t really surprising seeming as most people associate spas with relaxation and tranquillity which I am sure is something we would all like to have in our bathrooms. The spa theme is extremely easy to achieve when opting to decorate your own home and you can tailor make it to fit your personality too.

Though bathrooms traditionally have tiled flooring or walls due to the water vapour often causing damage to materials many people are choosing to opt for alternatives such as wood. Having either a wood floor or wall mimics the image of a sauna which helps to create the spa theme. Though wood is often damaged by water vapour there are alternative options to get a similar look through materials like laminate.

Of course it is extremely important when decorating to consider the practicality of a bathroom and the effect that this may have on our decorating choices. This does not mean that you have to compromise on style as there are always plenty of options available to help.

For example, one thing that all of us require in a bathroom is privacy. Now because of the damage that dampness can have on fabrics many of us avoid curtains. This makes PVC shutters the perfect choice for any bathroom as not only are they water resistant but also help to create a more traditional feel to any room.

Colours are always incredibly important in the home as they have the power to invoke any emotion. A specific colour can make us feel a particular way and although the majority of colours have universal connotations it is often found that colours have different effects on different individuals. Therefore when decorating your bathroom take into consideration the colours that make you feel relaxed when putting together a colour scheme.

One aspect that seems to be creeping slowly into the ways we design our home is technology. Technology is now an important part of any home, even the bathroom. When choosing the way in which you want your bathroom looks you can also take into consideration the particularly technology and appliances you want. For example, there are now shower rooms available that are completely concealed by glass or you could even choose a bubble bath.

The last part of every bathroom that cannot be forgotten is the towels and bath mats. A bathroom simply would not be a bathroom without them. Some of us go for a simple matching towel and bath mat set with the thought that as long as it is serving its purpose all is fine.

However, to give your bathroom that perfect finishing touch make sure they always match your colour scheme and if you are really trying to push the boat out perhaps choose more luxury fabrics. As for storage of towels a heated towel rack is practical and again helps with the relaxation side of things but many homeowners are now looking for more creative ways to display their towels.


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