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Its easy to struggle with home ideas and at this time of the year many of us find ourselves a little strapped for cash and flustered trying to cover what seems like endless expenses and then of course comes the realisation that we’ll have family visiting home for Christmas. Whoever said “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” obviously hasn’t experienced the mad rush of decorating at the same time as trying to buy every family member the perfect Christmas present. This post may not help you to choose the right present but if you carry on reading there are some useful tips and home ideas on how to save money on decorating just before Christmas.

For starters the little things really do matter. There is plenty of space in our homes that can be neglected but sometimes the smaller areas in our homes make a great difference. One small accessory that’s particularly on trend at the moment for home ideas and can now be found in almost every room is pillows. I’m sure most of us have got some old tatty pillows somewhere in our home so instead of discarding them just invest in some new covers. Pillows no longer have to be confined to just the bedroom either, they can decorate your living room and even your kitchen.

Homes are designed to be lived in and though we all do our utmost best to keep them looking perfect at some point someone will have to sit down. If pillows aren’t your choice of accessory there are plenty of other home ideas, why not rejuvenate your seating. Seating can be anything from kitchen chairs to sofas in our living room and most of us often leave them looking bare and as we bought them from the shop. To make them look and feel cosier invest in some chair covers or even a throw to cover your sofa. Everyone will thank you for it when they’re snug for the festive period.

Some of us are often put off by decorating certain areas in our home as we believe the misconceptions when it comes to cost. For example, most people tend to leave their windows and decorate the rest of their home instead for fear that the look they want will go over their budget.

This is a myth and the reality is that the style you want for your interior is entirely affordable if you know where to look. Shutters add a distinct air of elegance to our home but are often ignored as they are believing to be expensive but with new materials and styles available you’ll find you don’t have to compromise.

frozen pastel kitchen wooden window shutters

Painting is probably the cheapest way to completely change the look of your home, especially if you go DIY. Not only does a newly painted room have a fresh feel to it but its an amazing way to create and finish the perfect colour scheme. Painting is often avoided and seen as a chore but with the stunning trend of having a feature wall you no longer need to paint your home wall to wall.


With the hectic period beginning you will find that your home is often left in a mess. Its at this point that we realise just how important home storage is. Truthfully home storage is a great way to make your home that little bit more stylish while reducing the feeling of clutter. Choosing the style of furniture is always important but thanks to online furniture shops you no longer have to take out a small loan to afford the sideboard you want.

Finally, being creative is your best bet when it comes to saving money. It really is astounding just how resourceful we can be if we really put our minds to it. One area where we can let our imaginations flow is through the use of wall decorations. When it comes to your interior wall decorations the more abstract the better as its likely to grab anyone’s attention. Besides, what better than to say your home is really yours because you took the time to decorate it. Christmas will feel just that little bit better.


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