Clement Browne Goes Pink for Cancer and Havens Hospices!

Clement Browne has always held family values close to their heart but something that still remains incredibly important to us, right from our roots as a small business or as we’ve progressed nationwide, is a sense of community.

We have always worked hard to remain active amongst our community because not only is it important to be a part of something bigger but we are incredibly proud of where we have come from.

We like to keep everyone up to date with the goings on at Clement Browne so we feel it’s about time we shared something fantastic. Clement Browne are going Pink in support of Cancer Research and Havens hospices! Cancer is a devastating disease that is a plague to this country but it’s time to stand up to cancer and say we will not be beaten.

Clement Browne are proud to be supporting Carole Connor in her brave attempt to raise as much money as possible for Havens hospices. What many of us see in the media is the toll that cancer takes but Carole is showing just exactly what it means to truly conquer cancer!

For those who don’t know Carole she is a survivor of breast cancer but more than that she is a truly fantastic woman who has dedicated her time to be a home care assistant with Havens Hospices. Carole is close to a member of the Clement Browne family so we feel it is important that we stand by and support her on her venture. On 27th of May Carole will be taking on the amazing feat of a skydive in the name of Havens Hospices, a remarkable cause to say the least.

Havens hospices are an amazing organisation that provide support for those tackling incurable illness’ and their loved ones. They can help by controlling pain and medication whilst also providing short breaks for families so they can make the most of their time together at the end of their lives.

All of this is only possible with the help of the thousands of supporters who donate time, money and goods to the charity. Havens hospices do some extraordinary work as a charity and deserve as much support as they can get.

If you’re moved by Carole and Haven Hospices’ story then why not take the time to donate to their fantastic cause. Even as little as £1 could help and make a world of difference. You can donate here


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