How to Incorporate Pastel Colours into Your Home?

Pastel colours have evolved and come a long way as a colour but there still seems to be a reluctance to use them within the home. Pastel colours are often considered very pale hues of normally bright colours that have been saturated with white. Their name typically comes from their use in art in which sticks of chalk are combined with pigment and gum and used to draw with.

Pastel colours have long since been confined to the use within nurseries because of their gentle and calming nature however there are so many more uses within the home that are potentially being ignored.

No longer considered “too” feminine and since they are not heavily pigmented they can work well as a complimentary colour. Adding a pastel to almost any room will accentuate your features whilst not creating a colour clash.

Clashing colours in the home can actually have a detrimental effect on almost any room’s appearance. Even if you are particularly inclined to bright colours using too much of them can make any room look too busy or cluttered in turn reducing the image of space you have in your home.  Pastels are a fantastic way to open up the space without having to use shades of white.

Although pastel colours are great at creating a balance in colour they can also be used to set a mood. The gentle hues can add an almost relaxing or calming feeling to any room so using them in areas that require little downtime such as the bathroom or bedroom is incredibly useful.

The idea that pastel colours simply aren’t stylish is outdated. Saturated shades of blue, pink and even lemon are slowly creeping into contemporary homes. Their subtle splash of colour isn’t too bold but perfect for a sleek modern home that wants to inject a slight hint of individuality.

So let pastels inspire and enhance your home today and trust me you won’t look back. That’s not to say that you have to go crazy. Even adding them through items of furniture or window covering’s such as shutters can make the world of difference.


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