Introducing Urbanite Grey – The New Cream!

Colours have played an extensive role in style and design, in fact it is considered the centre piece of creating and decorating any interior. With near unlimited combinations of colours, hues and tints you can create a home unique completely to you. With Clement Browne we understand just how important colour can be, which is why we strive to bring you nothing but the best for your bespoke shutters.

In fact, we are incredibly excited to introduce our brand new colour to the Clement Browne range, urbanite grey! Our more than extensive range of over 40 colours to choose from is what sets our shutters apart from the rest. Our exclusive palette is the ideal touch to your shutters making them truly bespoke.

But why grey? Well grey is the new cream. In terms of popularity up until now there has been almost no doubt that shades of white are the most popular colour option for bespoke shutters and it’s easy to see why. You can decorate your home at will and with premium quality materials both your shutter and your white of choice will stand the test of time.

Yet with contemporary design homeowners are making bolder choices in their living spaces. Cool monochrome tones are the colours of the future. Even some of the titans of the colour industry such as Little Green and Farrow and Ball have introduced all grey colour cards. The gentle hues of greys are relaxing whilst the smooth tone enhances the clean architecture of your home and shutters.

We’re here to break the long term myth that grey has to be boring. In fact, with urbanite grey from Clement Browne you can install luxury into your home for less with a stress free journey from order to installation. Choose to be a part of something different and decorate your living space for the future in monochrome style.


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