Add A Splash of Colour to Your Interior

Most interior designers tend to choose spring or summer as the perfect time to renovate and renew a homes style but truthfully at Clement Browne we feel a little different. Winter is the period in which we spend the most amount of time in our home so it’s only right that we love what we see and we love colour!

When picking a colour scheme first decide on the desired effect you’re going for. For example, your living room is the area which needs to have a homely feel so going for warm, rich colours is a great idea. Other rooms in the home call for calmer and relaxing colours such as the bathroom. Most home owners tend to choose colours with blue hues in them to fit with an aquatic theme but you don’t have be tied to traditional colour schemes and can opt for other relaxing colours such as calm beiges or tranquil greys. Obviously the colour has to appeal to you as a homeowner and style is often more of a personal thing so it’s a good idea to look to see if any sample colours or books are available.

One thing some homeowners struggle is where in a room to add colour. Unless you’re a hard-core fan of bright things you don’t want your room looking like a rainbow. There are some clever ways to add a dash of colour without being too garish. Firstly, if you’re looking for a vibrant room this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go overboard on painting and wallpaper. A simple thing like a feature wall adds a dash of colour without making the rest of the room seem to busy. Another great way to include colour in your home is through your windows. Most people choose a brightly patterned blind or set of curtains but shutters are really making a comeback to the interior design industry as opposed to initially being used for store windows. Some are taking the bright and colourful to a whole new step by moving away from traditional flooring options like carpet or hardwood flooring and installing weird and wacky patterned laminates.

With the increase of popular home stores selling their own ranges of ornaments and trinkets it seems the “shabby-chic” trend has blown up. For those who don’t know already shabby-chic is taking dilapidated or old fashioned objects and adding some colour and patterns to them to give them a whole new lease of life. Some interior designers have even taken on the task themselves with another trend known as “upcycling”. Either way the point is that stocking your shelves and other surfaces has never been so popular.

Lands Blue Tracked Shutter System by Clement Browne

Once you’ve got all your ideas and your colour scheme together you can start to collaborate it all and be left with a stunning finished product that will make you feel excited to step through your front door day after day.


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