The Easy Way to Fit Pantone’s Colours of the Year In Your Home

If you don’t know who Pantone are they are the leading authority on colour. If you can think of a colour then Pantone can identify it, they are pretty much gurus when it comes to pigment. Every year Pantone release their “colours of the year” and it is something that is highly anticipated by every interior designer everywhere. It is pretty much like their version of Christmas.

Once these colours are released you’ll soon find anyone in the renovation industry scurrying about frantically changing their work just to included the latest must have colour according to Pantone. So if they can do it why can’t you? Take a look at the colours of the year and see if any of them take your fancy.

Rose Quartz

Pantone Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a serene and stunning colour that has connotations of a sunset sky. It conveys passion and reminds us of the spring and summer. It is a great colour with warm tones to brighten up your home.

Peach Echo

Pantone Peach Echo

Peach Echo has both orange and pinkish hues that yet creates a friendly vibe to any home and is inviting to the eye. This would be great for a feature wall or even for shutters that will stand out in the home.


Serenity is a cool and calming colour that almost mimics a bright sky. It is a great colour to be mixed with others and can even make you feel like an icy winter sky or vivid summers day.

Snorkel Blue

This striking colour has almost royal connotations and is great to add a regal and elegant vibe to your home. It boasts feelings of grandeur and would be ideal for a living room used to host guests.


Pantone Buttercup Yellow

This is an extremely bold choice for those who love to be colourful. It reminds people of a brilliant bright day and is great for a child’s room to let creativity flow.

Limpet Shell

Pantone Limpet Shell

This particularly vibrant shade of blue is brilliant to mix with others, it works well with deep, dark rich hues. The beautiful integration of colours gives your home a personal feel.

Lilac Grey

Pantone Lilac Grey

The need for neutrals in the home has increased tenfold over the year as they are a great way to add a tiny hint of colour in your home. This grey shade with a hint of lilac is particularly calming and subtle.


Pantone Fiesta

This high energy shade is is encouraging and daring for anyone to have in the home. It’s strong fiery colour provides a contrast ti the other colours found in your home.

Iced Coffee

Pantone Iced Mocha

Rich tones are perfect to add a sophisticated vibe for the autumn season. Though it is a neutral colour its hues are strong and deep. They are great to add warmth in the home through the colder months.

Green Flash

This colour is for the explorer out of all of us. It’s bright and daring and definitely will be a stand out piece in the home. Though, it is important to not over-use this colour in the interest of your home not looking to cluttered.


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