Proudly Supporting The Indee Rose Trust

This year Clement Browne is pleased to announce that it will be proudly supporting The Indee Rose Trust at Southend-on-Sea Carnival 2016.

Jason Horsford (Director at Clement Browne) said “I am really pleased that when Clement Browne were given the opportunity to be part of the Southend-on-Sea Carnival this year, that we were also able to support the wonderful Indee Rose Trust. It is really difficult to find the words to express the admiration I have for Jane and Russ with all of their amazing work as they continue to be inspired by their little Girl in offering positivity, comfort and support to other Families and creating many smiles with their Indee Rose Treasure Boxes. Please take two minutes to visit their website to find out more about all of their excellent giving and this wonderful charity. I understand that Indee loved balloons, so we will have 2000 to give away this Saturday evening at the carnival – if you can spare some change, in exchange for a balloon it will be gratefully received and will help Jane and Russ continue to create smiles!

What is The Indee Rose Trust?

The Indee Rose Trust is a charitable trust that was founded in July 2009. Their aim is to help children and their families who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour.
The Indeee Rose Trust provides Treasure Boxes to children who have been hospitalised whilst receiving treatment for a brain or spinal tumour. A wonderful box of treats created especially for the child. They also provide a one off grant to help the family at this difficult time.

The Indee Rose Trust
The Indee Rose Trust

Why was it formed?

Our journey began on the Wednesday 14th January 2009, Indee was enjoying a normal day at her Nanny’s house.  Indee’s nan noticed she was not using her right arm properly,  so she called us both and we decided to collect and take her immediately to A&E at Basildon Hospital to find out what was wrong.  The doctors and nurses began tests immediately.  Indee was not complaining of any pain or discomfort, even though her walking and movement in her right side wasn’t working quite right she would just want to go to the toy room where she happily played.

On Thursday the 16th January 2009 is when our nightmare began.

Indee was kept in hospital and monitored by the kind nurses in the Wagtail ward until.  Read more…

Want to donate?

If you would like to donate, thats great news! Just click the button below and you will be re-directed to The Indee Rose Trust Just Giving page.



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