Add Character to Your Home with A Conservatory

Conservatories have become incredibly popular as of late and they are a sure filled way to add character to almost any home. There are many reasons why homeowners choose to install a conservatory but some of the main reasons are; to add extra space to the home, to maximise the light entering their home and to simply put it give their home the “wow factor”. I’m sure we can all identify with at least one of those categories.


Of course the typical decorating style for the interior is usually that of blinds or shutters. This is because although conservatories are designed to create space and add light homeowners still desire an air of privacy and only lets in the light that you want or need. Hint, conservatories can get particularly bright first thing in the morning so you may want to close your shutters at night.

When it comes to conservatories it can often be confusing as there are so many options available and obviously it’s always important to choose a design based on the purpose you want it to serve and the style that best suits you. However, with conservatories you also have to take into consideration the dimensions of your house as this can have a direct limitation on the conservatory types that are available for you. Here are some of the conservatory types (with some help from which) if you are stuck for choice:

Tiled Roof 

This structure is more of an extension rather than conservatory, breaking the expectations of being all glass by having a tiled roof, like the name suggests.

Lantern Roof 

A lantern roof added to a solid concrete extension. This gives an extra added bit of light and creates a feeling of more space rather than having a completely flat roof.


An orangery has the best of both worlds with the actual body being more structured, usually using brickwork but still incorporating glass into the works.


Like the name suggests, A T shape conservatory is in the shape of a T with the centre extending and extending from the sides also. This conservatory is available to those with a particularly large amount of available space.


A P shaped conservatory is a mix of both and Edwardian style conservatory and  a “lean to” and is perfect for anyone who is looking to create more space in their home yet still have a solid building structure.


Gable conservatories have an upright roof that is perfect for adding height to any extension as well as giving the feel for extra space.

Edwardian or Georgian 

This style of conservatory is mostly rectangular in shape giving a box-like effect but still provides extra height with a sloped roof.


Perhaps the most popular style of conservatory due to its lavish appearance given by the bay window front, pitched roof and ornate style around the ridge of the roof.

Lean To 

If you’re looking to install a conservatory but are having to stick to a clear budget, then a lean-to conservatory is a great option for you as it is the cheapest. This is a glass extension coming off at slant from your house.


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