Enduring Style with Your Heritage Country Home

Though contemporary interior design has come on leaps and bounds one particular style of home that will always be sought after is the traditional, heritage country home. Perhaps more because we are a country built on farming and so we have the homes to match.

Most people tend to find country living idyllic and look forward to creating their own perfect little cottage with stunning décor to match in a quiet and cosy village tucked away from the rest of world.

If country living is your dream, then we’re here to help you achieve it. When it comes to following a particular style in the home it’s easy to follow all the connotations. So if a country cottage is what you’re after then consider brainstorming everything that comes to mind when you picture the perfect dwelling in your head.

Typically, country living is all about getting back to the basics with cosy fires and individualistic upholstery. Though some have adapted traditional homes with a modern twist to keep up to date with the fast paced lifestyle of today.

country family home

One aspect of a traditional country home that you cannot overlook is the kitchen. A country kitchen really is something to aspire to and most tend to opt for the look that’s straight out of a lifestyle magazine. If you’re wondering exactly what a country kitchen is comprised of then you will often find a large rustic farmhouse oven at the heart of it. Closely followed by a kitchen island with the lived-in look and vintage kitchen accessories that have a story to tell.

As fore mentioned the farmhouse living room look would simply not be complete without and open roaring fire. Though modern day homes have all had the addition of central heating, which is definitely a godsend you simply cannot go wrong with cosy family days by the fire with the addition of plenty of blankets. As for the style of fireplace to go for you would more often than not find an grand open wood fireplace with a cast iron guard in front however is this is not something you would choose then there is always the option of a stove.

roaring wood fire

Keeping with tradition is important and in fact even modern homes are choosing to take traditional aspects found in the home to create a style unlike anything else. Interior shutters are a great way to build character in the home and stick to your rustic routes. With the range of styles and colours that available you really are not spoilt for choice.

As for furniture in your perfect country home then of course patterns and upholstery are a necessity. Not only is this a great way to make your home truly unique as each item of furniture will be individual but it also adds to the cosy vibes that every farmhouse needs. Similarly, it’s a great idea to choose vintage accessories that have a great sense of history. It’s a great conversation starter for when you are hosting guests but it really adds to the idea that your home and everything in it has been lived in.


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