What to Expect at Your Free Home Design Appointment?

The prospect of letting someone into your home can be daunting but when it comes to window shutters it is certainly worth it. Those on the look out for window shutters can often be put off by the idea that they will be visited by a salesman with the aim of trying to persuade them to buy the product. Our free home design appointment is a little different from the rest.

At Clement Browne you can expect something different. We don’t have salesmen we have Masters of Product, so named because they’re experts when it comes to shutters. Instead of hard-sell you can expect a friendly Master of Product situated in your area. Even better, should you choose to go ahead with Clement Browne the same Master of Product will complete your installation.

So if our shutters have caught your eye and you’ve decided to book a home design appointment what can you actually expect to happen? Well the process is quite simple really. Our Master of Product will of course first introduce himself (there’s nothing worse than an awkward encounter) and then ask what your expectations are for shutters.

To make sure you can make a fully informed decision on the right shutters for you a Master of Products always come prepared. For visual effect you can view a range of colour samples, frame types and stunning graphics.

Our Masters of Product are not only guides to shutters but advisors and will explain to you clearly in detail the different types of shutters, their benefits and where they are suitable in the home so you can get the best possible outcome.

Unlike most companies at Clement Browne we understand that it’s difficult choosing a unique product and understanding the technical side of things and sometimes as a customer you just want to see a friendly face. We’re here to help, and if you do choose to go ahead the it’s just an added bonus for us really.

If you want stunning bespoke shutters for your home, then we’re dedicated to helping you so don’t miss out on your free home design appointment. In fact, why not book one today? Visit our page for more info.


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