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Transforming Your Garden Before Spring

Winter time is nearly over and that means the gardening season is soon near. It’s a bit daunting to watch over the winter as all your hard work over the year is destroyed and covered in a blanket of falling leaves and frost. However once the new year comes its great to think of it as a fresh start. In a way it can be therapeutic as it can give you a purpose and once all the work has paid off you’ll have a stunning new garden that you can brag about and enjoy in the sunshine.

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If you are thinking of revamping your garden completely or giving it a little spruce up then read further as we have some great tips to achieve a modern garden that could even outshine your home.

The obvious part of your back yard is the grass. In fact, this is because it takes up the majority of space and therefore it is always important to attend to your grass. You can do so by making sure it is regularly watered and evening using additional growth nutrients. If you have a particularly large space, you may want to consider installing sprinklers to make sure the grass is regularly hydrated. Because of the hassle of upkeep when it comes to a garden some homeowners are choosing to install fake grass otherwise known as astro-turf. Though one of the major downsides of astro-turf is obviously wear and tear it is however a great decision when it comes to keeping your garden clean.

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Bushes and trees again are one of the main features and are considered more natural in terms of styling. Though there is more thought to it than that. For example you have to consider the position of sunlight and whether a bush or tree is blocking out too much sunlight. Also you then have to consider the roots of the tree as this can sometimes damage the foundations of a home.

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Flowers are perhaps the most important aspect. Though they are something that is completely individual. This is where the garden becomes great as you can completely tailor it to suit you and pick your favourite flowers and have as many of them as you like. You can even get creative and have flower designs, pots and hanging baskets.

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One common thing to every garden lover is a greenhouse. This is because greenhouses create the perfect environment for growing flowers as they maximise the amount of sunlight that reaches the plants. Sun houses are the more social option and are great in the summer for just sitting back and relaxing though they do tend to take up a large amount of room.

potted green plants in a glass greenhouse.

Though conservatories are an extension of the home they are a great addition to any garden. The glass conservatory gives an illusion of grandeur and is great for in the summer when you can keep the conservatory door open and interact with all your family. Conservatory shutters add to the sleek style that a conservatory has upon the garden

Conservatory Window Shutter Installation

If you want your garden to be a place of tranquillity it would be a good idea to install a water feature. Running water can be a soothing sound as it mimics a babbling brook. Styles of water features have changed recently. Originally most people would opt for statuesque water features however it is quite popular as of late to have a more natural aesthetic in the garden with water features now being made out of stones and wood.

water fountain in country manor house garden.

Ornaments are again down to the individual choice. Much like water features statues were an extremely popular choice however some choose to disregard aesthetic in the garden and choose ornaments that have a comedic effect like gnomes or meerkats that pop out of the bushes.

Chalkboard we are in the garden sign.

Vegetable patches are not just a trendy option to have in the garden but also practical, resourceful and most of all environmentally friendly. Having a vegetable patch not only adds to the natural aesthetic but also means you can completely grow your own food.

Fresh handpicked vegetables grown from a vegetable patch.

Garden furniture is extremely important for the social aspect of the garden. After all it would be a bit of a waste to spend all that time on your garden to not even sit in it. Picking your garden table and chairs is usually important to the style you are going for in the garden. For example, if you are choosing a modern garden style, materials like glass and metal are the perfect choice. Some, however choose ornate table and chair designs hat mimic that of vintage furniture. One great furniture invention for the garden is the swinging canopy as it is both a great place to relax but also stay out the beating sun.

Wooden Wicker Garden Patio Table and Chair Set

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