Interior Ideas To Get You Motivated On A Monday

Let’s face it no one looks forward to Mondays. Weekends seem to fly by while Mondays come way too soon and definitely way too often. That doesn’t mean that your Monday has to go to waste though. Monday could be the perfect option for you to get motivated and have a revamp of your interior.  In fact, when you think about it Monday is the perfect option. Everyone has started a brand new week and there will be plenty of stock in for any furniture items you want to get. So what are you waiting for?

To get started on your Monday motivation just think of it as a new beginning for your home. Not to mention that it gives you a whole week to get down to business leaving you with the following weekend to have a break from all the decorating.  If you’re stuck for ideas on how to kickstart your Monday right just take a little read through this post.

First things first wake up bright and early on your Monday morning to make the most of the day. If you’re like me though and not at all a morning person your wake up routine will be promptly followed by a morning coffee or five. Once you’re feeling refreshed (yes it is possible to feel refreshed on a Monday) set up a list for what you want to achieve in the day. Prior to this you should of course have in mind what you want to do with your home and again if you are stuck for ideas you can read through some of our previous blog posts.

Take into consideration the opening times of your favourite interior shops, we’re open 9-5:30 pm. Once you’ve got all of that in mind then if you do need anything you will have time to pop out and complete the rest of your tasks later on in the day.

Having a schedule is always important, not just for your Mondays but overall when it comes to decorating your interior. This is largely because some tasks take a lot longer than others. For example, with us at Clement Browne you don’t have to worry as we’ll fit your bespoke shutters for you and clean up! However, if you’re considering painting a room that may take up the whole of your Monday.

If you’re still not convinced on why Monday’s are the perfect day to make a start on your home design, then consider just how great you’ll feel by the end of the day. You may indeed feel tired but at the same time the sense of pride you will feel from knowing you’ve accomplished something. Furthermore, your home will look better than ever.


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