Getting Your Home Interior Ready for Winter

The chilly winter season is here once again and of course that means that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s at this point that most of us enter a frenzied panic as we realise that our homes are in no way fit for other family members to see. A home is something that many of us have worked hard to own and so its no wonder why the interior is so important to us and so we all commence the yearly ritual of decorating. Fear not, we’re here to help give you some tips on exactly what’s in style at the moment for winter and a few little tricks that will even have your in-laws impressed at what’s within your walls.

For starters to avoid too much hassle and stress make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to complete any home renovations. It’s a good idea to book consultations with other interior décor companies in order to get an exact picture of what you are looking for and a clear plan to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are the main areas you should be focusing on to achieve your new winter look:

Furniture is perhaps one of the most important aspects of interior design. Particular furniture items really do make a house a home and without it your property could be left looking bare and dull. For the winter season the focus should really be on your sofa. Since Christmas time is mostly family orientated you want to give your home a cosier vibe in order to make everyone feel welcome. The right sofa can not only bring your family together but can also define your interior style. When it comes to choosing your sofa luxury plush soft textures are favourable as they provide a feeling of warmth.

Sticking to the theme of plush textures you can opt for a soft rug and invest in lots of cushions but be careful when it comes to your living room area being too cluttered. The final piece of furniture that is vital in the winter season is the dining table. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme rich dark colours are great to fit with the transition of Autumn to winter and with that in mind its great to choose dark wood for your table with rich deep reds and oranges for fabrics.

Obviously your bathroom has to be immaculate if it is to seen by guests and for some this look is only achievable through having a new bathroom fitted. As for styles of bathroom following on from your theme of a cosy winter home it is perhaps a great idea to go for a more traditional bathroom. This means choosing a traditional bath tub and sink however it does not mean you have to compromise on quality. You can mix modern technology with tradition to achieve a rustic looking bathroom that will leave you relaxed and your Christmas guests feeling welcomed.


One area of homes that seems to be overlooked are the windows however an interior designer knows that these are probably the most significant part of creating beautiful home décor. Most people see curtains or blinds as a simple matter of privacy but the truth is they are so much more. Yes, they do provide an air of security that contributes to the cosy feel that you’re hoping to achieve but they are also a brilliant way to create a solid colour scheme throughout the home and to cement the particular style you are going for be it modern, vintage or anything you so desire. Something which is a new trend in regards to windows is bespoke shutters. Typically, these are something that you might see in a shop window but recently they’ve been making an appearance within homes in a range of different styles. Bespoke shutters are highly sought after and are perfect for the rustic vibe that the winter season calls for.

Carpet or Wood
For winter though carpet may seem like the warmer option within your home wood offers a more Autumn feel, particularly if you have dark hard wood oak floors or beech wood with a red coloured tinge. Fear not, you don’t have to compromise on warmth with wood flooring as you can invest in a few cosy rugs that really tie your interior together. If you’re unlucky to have good quality floorboards, then you can achieve a similar look with laminate flooring however they are not as long-lasting and require more maintenance. If you are still dead-set on having carpet in your home, then it’s important to stick to your winter colour scheme and go for a thicker fibre. Obviously the downside to carpet and having so many people in your home over the Christmas period is your bound to encounter some nasty stains but at least your home looks like a photo from an interior design magazine!

The Front Door
All though this isn’t the interior this is still something that is incredibly important as it’s the first thing your guests are going to see before they enter your home. Most typical homeowners decide to opt for bright colours thinking this will make them stand out amongst the rest however I find this to be fairly tacky. Instead sticking to your autumnal-winter colour scheme perhaps choose a burgundy colour or ochre with a door knocker to add to your authentic style. And of course no Christmas home would be complete without a wreath on their door.


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