London’s Home Style And Why Its The Perfect Place To Live

London is the capital of England and without doubt the most heavily populated but the one thing that London is truly famous for is its culture. London eats, sleeps and breathes culture. You can find almost anything you want at the touch of your fingertips and there is almost a different subculture around every corner. Its hardly a surprise that London is such a popular tourist attraction because there really is so much to see. In fact, people move to London just so they can be in and amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. I myself live near London and can’t even claim to have explored it all but I am sure we would all love to give it a go. The cost of living within the city can put people off but for the many who’s dream it is to live there the price is worth it.

One thing I find particularly bizarre about London is the variety of styles of homes that it has to offer. You could have a beautiful Victorian terraced house 5 miles from a new-build apartment block or a stunning country home on the outskirts of London and with just a short train ride away you’re in a heavily urban area which resembles a concrete jungle. No matter what though London homes never seem to compromise on their sense of style with even the smallest of spaces being the envy of any interior enthusiast. Amongst all these different homes you’ll find quirky and modern styles like window shutters on the interior or upcycled furniture that is truly unique. Our stand in Lombok seems to always be busy.


Most choose London as their main place of residence as a result of what their borough has to offer. For example, Camden’s most popular attraction is its traditional style market that can be found right in the middle of its modern department stores and shopping facilities, bars and restaurants. All of this surrounded by the attractive Camden Lock where you can hop in a riverboat. The most interesting of all are the brightly coloured terraced houses which are just 15 minutes walk from from the main attractions.


You can find people from all walks of life and though NYC grabbed the title of “the city that never sleeps” I think London is a strong contender. Whether you choose your home for the nightlife of Shoreditch or for the busy daytime shopping and London bustle near Covent Garden you’re never short of things to do. So stay indoors to your hearts content or get out and see the city.

If Camden’s not the place your looking for then consider some of the other amazing attractions that London has to offer like Big Ben, Buckingham palace or even the Tudor roundhouse. London is packed with history and culture and the styles of home that you see are a direct reflection of that. You’re spoilt for choice really. Once you’ve found you perfect place then you can settle in and really make it yours by decorating your interior how you see fit. With all that’s around you it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Though London is always incredibly busy it really is a community to be fond of. You feel a sense of togetherness with your fellow Londoners and each and every habitant brings their individual style to the city which is what makes the area so fantastic to live in. Its more than just a capital it’s a way of life and if you’re not a part of it then you are seriously missing out.


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