5 Kitchen Interior Ideas for A Modern Home

This year has seen many trends come and go but one fad that seems to have faired well is healthy living. Everyone seems to have gone diet and exercise crazy and have begun to ditch the junk foods and start leading a clean eating lifestyle. In fact, it is this particular lifestyle change that has had a great impact on the interior design industry.

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Since many of us are now exploring our culinary skills there has been an influx of kitchen interior redesigns and that is simply because they are getting more use. So if you’re heading into new boundaries and are ready to redecorate your kitchen then why not follow a few of these great ideas for the modern home.

Modern interiors pay a great amount of attention to their aesthetic and one home style that seems to be particularly popular is a sleek, smooth and clean look. This design is easily achieved through choosing a monochrome colour scheme as well as opting for marble worktops and shiny surfaces. Though this may be a lot harder to clean the large spaces will not only make your home appear larger but will show that you take pride in your kitchen and ultimately yourself

A great way to sustain this clean aesthetic is through the installation of easily cleaned products such as PVC shutters over wood shutters. Not only are PVC shutters now available in a wide range of colours but they are perfect for the kitchen as they are fire retardant and water resistant. Similarly opting for plastic products such as tables or chairs make them a lot easier to clean and maintain as well as resistant to stains.

Though a particularly rustic looking kitchen is still a lovely addition to the home with the modern style that most homeowners are opting for its all about the hidden home-wares. Most tend to walk into a kitchen and the first items they notice are the cooker, fridge, washing machine and any other electrical items. With design being what it is today you can have a completely installed interior kitchen with electrical appliance to match. This gives the appearance as if they are hidden and are only noticeable if you go to use them.

With lives being as hectic as they are today the joint dining room and kitchen interior seems to be a fast fading thought. Though there is a substitute for this that many modern homeowners are opting for instead and this is bar dining. This involves using a section of your kitchen counter as a dining area and having bar stools placed around it. Not only is this quick and easy but it allows for more use of the kitchen and gives you more time to prepare your healthy breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Organisation is incredibly important in a kitchen that is going to be used, otherwise you are simply left with a hectic mess and your kitchen space looking like a bomb has hit it after every meal preparation. This is a direct example of why the trend of shelving in the kitchen has come into fashion. This not only allows you to mix your décor with your appliances but really helps when it does come to getting your food ready.


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