Tips to Achieve Your Eco Friendly Home Interior

We all have to accept that the way we live and our home interior has a direct effect on the environment around us. When it comes down to its courteous to contribute towards creating a more environmentally and economically friendly way of life, not just for us but for future generations to come. We’ve got one planet and we really do depend on its sustainability.

There are plenty of ways to live a fulfilled life whilst being conscious of the world around you and some minor changes are hardly an inconvenience. The needs of the many outweigh the few. So when it comes to decorating your home interior here are some tips to stay eco friendly without having to compromise on your sense of style or aesthetic.

When it comes to home interior the decorations are every bit as important as the furniture and plants make the perfect decorations. Not only do plants have an elegant sense of beauty towards them but they are also great for creating a healthier interior and overall a great contribution to the environment. Plants release oxygen back into the air which will not only help you feel better (because who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air) but will help to reduce pollution.

The use of materials in your home is something you should definitely keep an eye on. A lot or resources are not renewable and therefore mass manufacturing of said materials is not sustainable. By using organic materials for decorating and for furniture you are helping to reduce wastage and create a balance in the materials that we all use everyday. Furthermore, organic materials are less toxic to the environment and are always made naturally as opposed to synthetically. This is great as synthetic materials not only contribute to pollution but also drastically add to the greenhouse effect. Through buying organic, you are cutting your carbon footprint and just like the Tesco slogan, every little helps.

Just like materials many of us are also using energy in an unsustainable manner. The majority of our electricity supply comes from coal or nuclear factories which emit harmful pollutants into the air and are breaking down the Earth’s ozone layer, which is bad for all of us, trust me! There are many ways that you can insure that your home interior is energy efficient and that includes seeking other more sustainable energy outlets such as solar panels.

Furthermore, you can also reduce energy wastage in the home. For example, you can install energy efficient lighting through out your home, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are limited for choice but that you should just pay more attention to the bulbs you buy. Installing lights sensors are also a brilliant way to sure that lights really do get turned off when they need to, some of us are guiltier than others at this. Its not just light that is wasted but also heat. To ensure that you are not wasting heat energy within your home then make sure your home is up to date with all of its insulation as well as installing features like double glazing and of course window shutters to control the heat energy you let out and in.

The other options for style you have in your home are your floors and walls. Believe it or not but these areas are also extremely important when it comes to creating your perfect eco-friendly interior. When it comes to flooring in the home most people go for the cheaper option but this isn’t always the right option. The cheaper options of flooring are often made of synthetic materials which over time can be damaging to the environment. If you choose wood or stone flooring however not only will your home be unique and stunning but the materials, you use are biodegradable. This is also true when it comes to the paint you use for your walls.

Reading this may seem incredibly daunting but in reality there are just a few minor adjustments that you can make to your home to save the environment and in the end you’ll hardly notice the difference when you have the interior of your dreams.


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