Upcycling Ideas That Will Make Your Christmas Unforgettable

I bet you’re reading this thinking what’s upcycling? Well if you don’t know already upcycling is a great, new savvy way to decorate your interior and save money without having to compromise on style. In fact, upcycling could be considered a style in itself although most people tend to call it “shabby-chic”. It is the process of transforming old or unwanted products into new materials or another product altogether. And what a better time to upcycle than at Christmas.

Forget spending ridiculous amounts of money on “designer” decorations that break two minutes after you’ve put them on the tree or tacky old decorations that have some sentimental value but really do nothing in the way of complimenting your stylish interior. Why don’t you have a clear out and upcycle whatever you no longer want or need and make your decorations stand out from the rest.

If you are struggling for ideas on exactly how to upcycle then don’t worry that’s exactly why we are here to help. Here are a few ideas to get your creative mind flowing and you may even want to use them yourself.

When it comes to baubles there is really no limit to what you can use if you use your imagination. Firstly, we all have that sewing box that is untouched with a variety of buttons at the bottom and misplaced needles and thread all over the place. But if you dig those buttons out you can make as many Christmas baubles as you can muster from snowflakes to Christmas garlands. If you’ve got sugar cubes and wrapping paper you can make tiny little presents as baubles that are easily disposed of once Christmas is over.

Christmas Card Hanger
It doesn’t always need to be left over items around your house but you can buy other products and upcycle them to make the perfect Christmas decoration. Take for example a window shutter. This product is perfect for your interior windows but what most people wouldn’t realise is that window shutters can make the perfect Christmas card hold. Decorate your shutter as you like whether it’s with glitter or snowflakes and simply hang your cards through the slacks.

Christmas Tags
Christmas tags are a pain to buy especially when they are just a tiny piece of paper. But you don’t want to look cheap and just have plain paper tags. Where’s your Christmas spirit? If you’re just as mad about interiors as we are then you’re bound to have paint samples hidden all over your house. Why not take your green colour chip, cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree and you’ve got your own perfect little tags for all your Christmas presents?

Christmas Cards
Christmas cards themselves can make great decorations and with the quality of Christmas cards improving every year you’d be left with some really beautiful decorations that you can even reuse. If you’re feeling particularly crafty you can even cut them down size, put them into your Christmas cookie cutters.


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