John Lewis Shutters Aren’t as Expensive as You Think

When it comes to department stores we all have our favourites and it can often be difficult to break out of the cycle of preference. There are also common stigmas attached to certain retail stores based on the store itself and its typical shoppers.

Over the years John Lewis have built up a reputation for having higher prices than most other department stores. But that simply just isn’t true and we’re here to break the myth by telling people that John Lewis shutters are not as expensive as you think.

Since 1925 John Lewis have upheld a promise made to each and every customer of being never knowingly undersold. This promise is held not only by John Lewis but by all of it’s partners. The promise entails price matching of any product like for like.

At Clement Browne we are proud suppliers of a bespoke product, more specifically John Lewis shutters. You can find us in their department stores across the U.K. Our shutters are of an outstanding quality and add a classical yet elegant touch to your home but here’s the news. Thanks to the never knowingly undersold promise they are also a fantastic price.

So not only will you be getting fantastic value for money alongside all of the main benefits of window shutters such as light control, insulation and style but when you choose to buy window shutters from Clement Browne through John Lewis you are guaranteed to be getting the best deal in comparison to other shutter companies.

If you want to find out more about just how much you can save on our stunning shutters just visit your local John Lewis store and look out for the Clement Browne display stand. There you’ll find friendly John Lewis representatives ready to answer any of your questions, take your details and start you on your journey to bespoke shutters in the home.


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