Quirky Interior Design Tips To Stand Out From The Rest

When it comes to interior design our homes many of us follow the “rules” so to speak. The unspoken style rules that we think we have to follow to be current, modern and up to date but truthfully a home is something to live in and should really be a direct reflection of your character. This post is for the non-conformists out there who love to break boundaries and be individualistic. Here are some quirky interior tips to make your dwelling just as different as you are.

If you love to break boundaries, then the traditional home style isn’t the one for you so when it comes to interior design consider being different from the rest and choose something that not everyone will see everyday. Even the little areas of your home can make a statement. For example, most people choose to decorate their windows with curtains or blinds not because they are the most stylish option but simply because they are following suit. Its what everyone expects to see and therefore it’s the easiest option. But dare to be different, break the rules a little and choose something not everyone will expect. For example, shutters on your interior have great character as most people choose this as on option for outside their home.

Most homes follow a uniform pattern of decoration and this is largely because people see home renovating as a chore. For those who are passionate about their homes you will know that its your chance to have fun and be as creative as possible. Playing around with textures in the home is a brilliant way to stick to your colour scheme but make your home interesting. If it works for a kids touch and feel book, then your home is no different.

Having a colour scheme is extremely important especially with regards to interior design. In fact any interior designer will insist that you stick to your colour scheme down to a T. Recent trends have shown that colour schemes are becoming more rigid and though there are some beautiful interiors that follow an important colour pattern why not let your true colours shine through. Follow how you feel and let the colours in your home be as bright and bubbly as you are. Try not to cut back on where you add your colour either, no part in your home deserves to go unnoticed.

Just like colours patterns are a great way to reflect your character in your home. Though patterns are ever creeping back into the interior design industry why not go bolder and place patterns where others would least expect them. When the word “pattern” is used in the home its often associated with wallpaper or textiles. Patterned flooring did reach a high in the 70s but why not bring that trend back and make your home something to marvel at.

Botanicals are back in. Though plants are traditional in the home they’re often confined to the dark and dusty corners of our home and are often ignored until its time to water them. Some of us feel a real connection with nature so why not use plants as a way to express that in your home. Let your inner horticulturalist out and decorate your home from top to bottom with as many plants as you can find.

Furniture in the home is meant to be functional. A chair being a place to sit, a table where the family sit to eat. That does not mean in any way shape or form that your furniture has to be boring. Modern interiors have seen an increase in quirky furniture items so why not make the most of it whilst there is a trend. Some of them seem pretty fun too like a swing set table or even a table that doubles as a snooker table. Either way these items add a new lease of life to your home and are definitely a conversation starter for any potential guests.

Lighting is an area of the home that people often neglect but if you’re home means that much to you then show it. Lighting used to be just a practicality in the home but now there are so many options available leaving you spoilt for choice. A feature light can not only make entire rooms seem bigger but something that everyone will notice no matter what room it is. Traditionally feature lights are found in living rooms but why not extend this to other areas of your home like the kitchen or even the bathroom. Lighting doesn’t always have to be boring either, you can add a little colour and really set the mood.

If you’re still stuck after this why not take some inspiration from vintage shops or markets or even local furniture shops. There are always ways to make your home unique if you look for them, just try to think out of the box.


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