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At Clement Browne we are incredibly proud of how far we have come as a business. Since the early days of Clement Browne we have been focused on providing an unrivalled product and service so that all of our many happy customers can expect to see something different.

At this point by supplying shutters nationwide it feels like we truly have succeeded but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop. In fact, we are more determined than ever to take our bespoke shutters further and further, just look out for us in the meantime!

Becoming a nationwide company was definitely not an easy task but as a company our team have continued to strive to bring the best bespoke shutters to homeowners up and down the coasts of the UK.

Of course the task has been made easier with the help of our product being of unrivalled quality. In fact, we would go as far as saying the Clement Browne shutters are the perfect finishing touch you need to make your house a home.

But where can you expect to see Clement Browne? Just like window shutters, our name has been popping up all across the UK. From some of our social media posts you may have seen the glorious sunsets and picturesque views that our Masters of Product have managed to capture in their Clement Browne vans whilst on their travels but there is plenty more to come.

If you’re local, that is close to our home showroom in Leigh-On-Sea then I am sure that you may have even taken a leisurely stroll through Leigh Town and spotted the Clement Browne logo or if you didn’t already know we are suppliers of bespoke shutters to John Lewis stores across the UK, you’ll certainly recognise our display stands.

For our next venture we’re spreading out. With the help of Agency Express, we’ve been placing advertising boards in and around the United Kingdom. Without a doubt for a window shutter company we certainly love to travel, but I’m sure you can agree that the end product is definitely worth it.


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At Clement Browne, we have over ten years experience in helping customers transform their homes with our unrivalled range of stylish, functional window coverings, shading solutions and bespoke interior shutters.

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