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Since the early days of Clement Browne, Leigh-on-Sea has been the home of our showroom but to all of us at Clement Browne it means something much, much more. For those who don’t know Leigh-on-Sea is a quaint seaside town in the Estuary of the Thames and is a part of the much greater seaside resort, Southend-on-Sea.

Clement Browne Leigh Shopfront

Choosing to open up shop was easy however living locally was perhaps the main reason. Being in and amongst the community has allowed us to not only gain a better insight into the people but for us to really feel like we are a part of something bigger.  As a community itself the area is incredibly active and certainly not shy of friendly faces.

Leigh Seaside View

If it’s not for the company, the views are something not to be missed. In Summer is when everything really comes to life with the sunshine, sandy beaches and brightly coloured sailboats immediately conjuring thoughts of summer holidays away. Taking a simple stroll through Old Leigh is enough to relax you but over time Leigh has developed into the hub of Southend.

If the the picturesque sights aren’t enough for you then why not take a look at everything else that the town has to offer. On almost every corner you’ll find a quaint café selling gourmet food or a lively seaside pub where you can kick your feet back.

Old Leigh

There’s no question that we picked the perfect destination for our bespoke shutters. In Leigh-on-Sea Clement Browne is a household name and our elegant bespoke shutters can be spotted all around but it is that popularity that has allowed us to progress and sell our fantastic range nation wide.

Leigh Broadway

So fear not! If you do not live in Leigh-on-Sea then you can still achieve the classical and enduring style of traditional Leigh-on-Sea homes with Clement Browne bespoke shutters.


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