Classic Solid Panel Shutters are Now Available!

If you haven’t noticed yet window shutters have come back into trend and are taking the home design field by storm. It always seems that trends are on a revolving cycle and what was once considered old or traditional is now all the range.

Window shutters are typically a classical window covering and date back to almost the Victorian era where homes were supposed to be a sign of luxury and shutters accentuating the grand windows in the tall terraced homes. Yet now with homes being of all different shapes and sizes shutters are still a luxury feature.

Solid panel shutters are considered the most traditional of all the styles. As the name suggests they consist of singular solid panels that are hinged to a frame. The panels can be open and closed where necessary. The reason for the rise in their popularity can be alluded to the fact that they create a completely clean finish that ties in the entire design of any interior.

Though they are an incredibly elegant touch of style ideal for a wide range of living space they still remain incredibly practical. Unlike other shutters which consist of operable louvres a solid panel is a completely simple design that does all you need it to. Much like a curtain when you want to allow natural light to come searing in you simply open the shutters or close them when you want complete darkness.

The difference between solid panels and curtains however is that they are far less cumbersome and add a much more sophisticated look to your home décor. The sleek design is a fantastic way to open up your living space.

Solid panel shutters are particularly perfect for those choosing to go for a more traditional touch in their home and once installed your home can look like an idyllic farmhouse in a country home magazine.


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