Summer Home Styling

With the Summer season rolling in it’s time to get ready for garden parties, endless days in the summer sun and of course more than ever thoughts of continental holiday get-aways. But for those who are a little more grounded than the rest if you’re going to be spending bit more time indoors then consider transforming your house to be your very own summer home.

Looking forward to the summer can be a lost hope if you feel like you’re not going to be making the most of it so having some change in the home can give you that extra bit of freedom you’re yearning for. Like they say if you can’t go to the beach bring the beach to you. Use draped patterned linens to recreate your own beach hut in your room with the windows open mimicking a gentle sea breeze.

It always seems like any summer home found around the rest of the world in comparison to the UK are so exotic and it’s not hard to disagree when each home has uniform bricks and double glazing. To summon up continental thoughts consider dressing your windows. Choose café style shutters and in no time you’ll feel as if you’re dining al fresco at a quaint eatery in a sun-soaked town in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, even the structure of your home can make such a difference in terms of how you feel. In foreign countries it’s not just the blazing heat and culture that sets them a part from the rest but how their homes are built. The open plan living is the ideal way to keep your living space cool in the hot weather but also to give your home a sense of freedom rather than being cooped up indoors.

So if summer is the season for you don’t let it escape from you, take back the season for yourself and create a little bit of paradise in your home, everyone needs a break.


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