Accentuate Your Architecture with a Bay Window Shutter

A bay window is something not new to the housing industry. In fact, they are actually associated with the great mansions of the English Renaissance period. Having said that, like all things the term has evolved to cover a much broader architectural feature seen in many homes across the UK.

A bay window, as the name suggests refers to a “bay” like structure formed of a recess made by a wall protruding outwards. There are many different shapes of bay windows including rectangular, polygonal and arc shaped however if it is the latter then it may also be referred to as a bow window. Despite this the confusion has lead to a “bay” becoming an umbrella term.

Though a bay window was particularly used at the end of the great hall in manor houses it was in fact the Victorian era that led to every terraced house featuring bay windows at the front of the house. This is likely because a typical Victorian house is particularly thin but elongated to maximise space.

Since the bay window has been around the bay window shutter has long since dressed them. In fact, the term bay window and bay window shutters almost go hand in hand. Bay windows are associated with luxury and grandeur and the reason that bay window shutters are in fact so popular is because the frame accentuates the stunning architecture of a bay. They work together to enhance the area and create a clean, classic and elegant result.

However, it is not just the fact that shutters are aesthetically pleasing but something that may have been overlooked when bay windows were first introduced into period homes the necessity for privacy and control over light.

By choosing to install bay window shutters you can give the front of your house an additional layer of privacy from onlookers whilst being able to control the amount of light entering your home through functional louvres or having the panels opened or closed.

Don’t neglect you bay window, it’s something to be showed off. Enhance your home’s natural architecture by choosing a bay window shutter.


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