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How to Achieve a No Nonsense Nautical Theme?

Decorating your home can be a difficult task and it’s often easy to get lost or confused but really it just comes down to choices. There are so many choices to make and it can be truly overwhelming until you’ve found the right choice for you. But once you do it’s easy. You can take that theme and run with it. The theme we’ve chosen in this blogpost is nautical.

A nautical theme is not often a homeowner’s first choice but if done properly it can look truly magnificent. A nautical theme refers to anything themed towards sailing. The most popular area in the home to recreate a nautical theme would be in either a bedroom or a bathroom, but why?

nautical theme

Themed rooms often are in bedrooms or bathrooms because themes can be personal and these rooms are considered to be the most personal rooms within a home. Either way recreating the theme itself still is incredibly simple and can be completely down to the individual.

If you’re looking to recreate a nautical theme within your home the first step is to consider objects and colours that are related to or have connotations of boats, the ocean and sailing.

nautical theme

Of course some areas are more easy to create than others. For example, a nautical colour scheme is relatively simple and consists of different shades of blues and whites that have connotations of the sea. You could even consider patterns for areas such as checks, or even a map or compass for wallpaper or other surfaces.

nautical theme interior

Breaking the theme down into different categories can be extremely helpful when trying to stay on track. When it comes to the nautical theme, besides colours the most obvious category is materials. The most popular materials in a nautical theme are both wood and rope.

Decorating your bathroom with timber whether it is hardwood flooring or even rich wooden furniture or hardwood shutters instantly summons thoughts of the inside of a boat. Similarly having rope as a decorative add on has connotations of sailing and instantly makes you think of a sailors’ knot.

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You could even go that extra mile and install novelty home décor such as porthole windows, hanging a lifesaver from the walls and even having fabrics with visible nailheads or leather trunks. The nautical theme can be as elaborate or minimal as you’d like but your main aim is for the theme to instantly be noticeable as soon as you walk in the room.


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