The Best of Both Worlds with Café Style Shutters

Making decisions aren’t the easiest so there is no difference when it comes to choosing the right bespoke shutter style for you. Of course when it comes to home design some of us are pickier than others. But the café style shutters are the perfect choice for the choosey people because you always get the best of both worlds.

Café style shutters refers to the style of shutters in which the bottom half of your shutters are covered with a panel and operable louvres while the top half remains un-shuttered. Shutters are rising in popularity and so the styles of shutters have adapted to accommodate the influx of wanting customers across the UK.

One drawback of shutters is that they can be a bit of a commitment and often a compromise. This is because though as the nature of the name suggests they are a window covering not all homeowners wish to have their windows entirely covered. It is for this reason exactly that café style shutters are ideal.

Shutters are particularly popular amongst homeowners because they are fantastic for creating privacy in the home whilst adding elegant style to the home. Yet still people reamin fussy as they believe that window shutters will obscure their light and over all ruin the view.

With café style shutters on the other hand by having the bottom half of the window shuttered the it prevents onlookers from seeing into the home. Whilst the top half remains completely bare and allows for light to come pouring in.

As the name suggests these shutters were particularly popular with cafés because diners demanded privacy while they ate. Yet this exact idea can now be directly translated into the home.

So if you are having trouble deciding and or more likely compromising then choose café style shutters and you won’t regret it.


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