Clement Browne Display Stands in John Lewis!

When you choose Clement Browne you do not just choose our infamous bespoke shutters but you choose us for our unrivalled service. From the very beginning it has been our goal to make finding and buying perfect shutters for your home as simple and stress free as possible and becoming a proud partner of John Lewis retail has allowed us to achieve that goal.

But just how simple exactly is it to find stunning bespoke shutters made to measure for your home? It’s as easy as stepping into a John Lewis store near you. Growing as a business has meant that we can consistently work so that you don’t have to and now Clement Browne bespoke shutters are more accessible than ever.

You may already know that we have extended our reach to cover over 30 John Lewis stores across the UK but you can now visit our brand new Clement Browne display stands in a John Lewis store near you. We’ve managed to keep the design a secret up until now however the secret is out of the bag and our new Clement Browne display stands even have some new features for you to explore.

Keeping in true Clement Browne style you may notice some of our iconic colours that make up our extensive palette range such as coral blush. Though some aspects of our stands are familiar it is the new features such as our exclusive Hidden Tilt mechanism and Solid Panel Shutters that really make the display stand out.

If the stand isn’t enough you can also pick up a brochure for a light read and some handy information. Or alternatively if you’d like to see a friendly face why not have a chat with one of John Lewis’ many friendly partners who will be your first step to bespoke shutters with Clement Browne.

So if you’re ready to start your journey to bespoke shutters in the home you’ll know exactly where to look. Our shutter display stands certainly are not hard to miss.


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