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Clement Browne and John Lewis

For years now Clement Browne have been proud partners with John Lewis. Originally being a family run business it’s is an amazing feat to have come so far and to be able to supply our fantastic bespoke shutters across the UK, and it is this partnership that has really helped us become who we are today. For that reason, it is always important to us to find time to visit our display stands in each of the John Lewis stores.

john lewis shopfront

If you haven’t been to visit our display stands they aren’t hard to miss, they feature some of our most popular shutters styles in colours that you all know and love. In fact, it is the range of colours that we have to offer that makes Clement Browne unique in comparison to the MDF shutters available on the market.

Clement Browne display at John Lewis

When Clement Browne started in 2009 we made it our goal to create an experience like no other. A package deal. As a supplier to Jon Lewis we share their values in offering the highest standard of service, product quality and value for money.

Clement Browne Living Room

Since the very beginning we’ve been maintaining those same high standards that we set out to achieve in the beginning. As a result, we feel it’s necessary to always visit our display stands in side John Lewis stores across the UK. After all it is for most the first point of contact so of course it has to leave a memorable impact.

john lewis leeds

During our recent travels we took a much needed visit to the John Lewis store in Leeds. Every time we visit our partners it is a constant reminder what being a partner means for both us and our customers. That is a level of quality that you just can’t find elsewhere.

john lewis leeds

Moreover, it’s always great to see their innovative displays as well as to meet the John Lewis representatives that will be handling your Clement Browne experience. So if you want a friendly face and a few sights (no seriously, just look at this carpet knight!) then take a trip to your nearest John Lewis where you’ll find our stand.

john lewis leeds

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