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Put a Contemporary Twist on 70s Interior Style

The 70s was a time of freedom and bold style choices. So its no wonder that people are so fond of the era. So if you’re looking to recreate a retro vibe in your home here’s your how to decorating guide on putting a contemporary twist on 70s interior style.

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Personally, the first word that always spring to mind when I think of a 70s inspired room is “kitschy”. A 70s room is filled with bright clashing colours and geometrically shaped patterns and vivid botanicals draped from wall to wall.

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Most people would consider 70s interior design the polar opposite of modern sleek interiors. Contemporary homes are filled with monochrome colour schemes and strong metallic, in fact I would go as far as saying that a modern home is designed to not look lived in. Though modern homes are extremely stylish they are not warm an inviting.

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Combining the elements of both a modern home and a 70s interior means you get the best of both worlds. A contemporary style complete with a retro vibe. The easiest way to start when it comes to decorating your interior, with a typical style in mind, is with the floor and walls. In fact, the floor and walls are a crucial area of 70s interiors.

Seeming as you are adding your very own modern twist it means there is some room for compromise. For example, you don’t have to cover your home in patterns or shag carpet, maybe just choose one 70s style element that you can flawlessly integrate with the rest of your home. So whether its dark stained wood or a hexagonal wallpaper the choice you make is sure to be a focal point of the room.

bright 70s interior style

Furniture played a great role in any 70s home, in fact the more unique and quirky the item of furniture was the more popular it was. It seemed like every home owner was trying to out do each other over whose home could be more garish than the next. Even if you haven’t decided to change your walls or floors consider a feature item of furniture that makes the room stand out from the rest.

70s interior furniture

Another style feature of the era is bringing nature indoors. A 70s home would not quite be the same if it hadn’t been filled with plant pots at every corner. Something about botanicals perfectly ties in with the bright earthy colours that are so often seen like mustards and avocados.

70s interior house plants

So for an easy psychedelic twist on a modern home just pick a 70s element that suits your style and you’re ready. Warm hippie vibes from the 70s but with a current and up to date difference.


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