Introducing the Exclusive Hidden Tilt Mechanism to Clement Browne!

Clement Browne are the only shutter design company to offer stunningly exclusive designs to their customers across the UK and it has never been easier to get your hands on them. As their sole supplier you can find the Clement Browne range in John Lewis stores across the UK.

We’re incredibly proud to introduce the outstanding new hidden tilt mechanism available to all Clement Browne customers. Classic style traditional plantation shutters are mesmerising in any period home but contemporary homes are calling for a unique and modern solution to dressing windows and Clement Browne has the answer.

Gone are the days of compromising on style by having to have a tilt rod to operate your shutters. Our comprehensive hidden tilt system is a mechanism completely hidden within the shutter design. This leaves entirely operable louvres able to open and close for a more stylish and sleek overall finish in your home.

With a hidden tilt mechanism contained in your shutter you can tailor the rest of the design to suit your home or preference with a completely bespoke product later installed by our remarkable team of Masters of Product. Furthermore, with an extensive range of colours to choose from your simple design can be a bright focal point to make any room stand out or a sleek contemporary shutter that adds to your home’s style.

If you’re still not convinced that hidden tilt mechanism is the design of the future, why not book a free home design appointment with a Master of Product in your area. As shutter experts they will be able to answer all of your questions and help you to visualise how a hidden tilt mechanism shutter would work within your home. Not to mention that the appointment is entirely obligation free.


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