Make Light Work of Spring Cleaning

The springtime is such a wonderful season. There are new flowers blooming, new born animals. In fact, everything about the season is new. It’s a period to start off fresh which is why homeowners take on the big spring clean.

Spring cleaning is often considered a pleasurable experience for most but for some, myself included, it’s more of a chore. Of course its always important to take pride in your home, after all most of us have spent a lot of time and effort decorating.

The problem is it just always seems like there is cleaning to be done and then once you have finished cleaning, spending all that time scrubbing and mopping, in the shortest amount of time everywhere it’s all dirty again.

So if you are like me and you dread the big spring clean then there are steps you can take to into making things a little easier for yourself. My first tip is to get rid of fabrics. Fabrics are seen throughout the home and are used in everything right from soft furnishings to even the floor. Though they are incredibly popular, they are also a beacon for stains! So it goes without saying that, you take away fabrics, and you take away the risk for stains.

With regards to stains, surfaces can be difficult to deal with. But if you switch to smooth surfaces that are not porous you can prevent the risk of stains seeping into the material. Ideal surfaces to choose from for areas in the home such as flooring or counters include coated, wood, stone or even plastics.

Dust is something else that seems to largely build up, not only is this unsanitary but can be incredibly bad for those with house dust mite allergy. To tackle this most homeowners, tend to vacuum regularly or even have air purifiers in their home. Though just dealing with it once the dust builds up is not good enough. Instead why not take preventative methods that will leave your home spotless.

Installing window shutters is a great way to minimize the collection of dust around the windows. Curtains can often be cumbersome around the windows and because of the material it is made from it is incredibly difficult to clean and therefore collects dust. Though the design of blinds makes them easier to clean in comparison to curtains their fragile body still means you have to be light-handed. With window shutters cleaning is simple, and you can clean all areas, including in-between the louvres


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