A Guide to Parisian Architecture and Interiors with Clement Browne

Parisian Architecture - The Eiffel Tower

When it comes to architecture and design it seems that the boundaries have been fairly rigid with styles remaining the same from nation to nation. But inspiration can be taken from anywhere and styles change and adapt across time. A recent visit to Paris has left me full of inspiration so in this blog post we’re going to be taking a closer look at Parisian style.

parisian style - the river seine

Whilst contemporary Paris may have moved away from the more classic style, traditional architecture and designs can be seen across the beautiful city with historical buildings at every corner and quaint apartments right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of busy tourists and Parisians.

Without a doubt the city has some of the most famous sights, buildings and monuments across the globe but one aspect that seems to be incredibly clear in each design, whether it is in the home or in the foundations of structures like the Eiffel tower, is intricacy. French architectural and interior design is incredibly detailed. No matter how much effort is required, attention is paid to each and every inch.

There is no doubt that the “city of love” so it is called is popular with a population of 2.2 million and roughly 22 million arrivals to hotels in a year. With so many people visiting the city space can be and issue so apartments have become a popular style of living. Though a Parisian block of apartments is clearly distinguishable from apartment styles worldwide.

Parisian apartments

They have a somewhat enduring style to them with intricate designs and classical elegance. There are some noticeable traits of a Parisian apartment block with each apartment likely to have a balcony and a prominent window with stylish, traditional shutters. Despite their historic age the living spaces within Paris are highly expensive with the interiors lavishly decorated and for most they are a dream to live in.

Parisian Street

Paris is a hub of culture with picturesque scenes, sweet cafes and restaurants on every corner. With one of the best metro systems in the world its easy to visit as many tourist hotspots but if visiting Paris doesn’t quench your longing for a Parisian life then consider adding a little Parisian intricate and elegant style within your home.


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