Pet Friendly Shutters

For most people pets are not just a furry, scaly or feathered creature that live in their homes but are actually members of the family. The Telegraph estimates that in Britain alone we spend at least 6 billion a year on our pets. When you put it into figures that may sound a little drastic but when you think about it forming a bond with an animal who communicates with you solely through touches and glances does seem a little strange. However, if you are a pet owner you will understand that they are worth every penny. But why?

Pet’s are incredibly loyal and loving and from their point of view you really are their entire life, no matter how short their life may be. So for this reason it is not just our duty to look after and love our pets but something we are more than happy to do in return of the happiness they bring to us.

Though some may argue that animals belong in the wild the years of domestication have meant that they just simply wouldn’t survive. Especially since the world itself is changing with cars everywhere. The only problem with this is that pets love to explore even if its not safe for them. So if you have an indoor pet you’ll know the struggles of trying to keep it that way.

So imagine that there is a way that you can keep your pet from escaping and treat yourself safe at the same time. Well you can. Window shutters are the perfect window dressing that not only adds style but with operable louvres you can still have your window open whilst preventing your pets from fleeing.

So make your home a safe place for your furry family member with stunning bespoke shutters and send us your best photos.


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