Put a Spring in Your Step with a Feature Staircase

There are areas of the home that are often left untouched, unloved and forgotten for almost no reason. Just because they are thought of as more of a utensil or functional area rather than a style feature. But truthfully it is all the areas of your house that come together to make it a home, even the parts that aren’t as noticeable as the others.

One area of the home that gets walked all over day in and day out that is completely deserving of a home makeover is your staircase. In fact, it is surprising how so many neglect to decorate their staircase even though it is the most vital part of your home.

A staircase has seen many of chance family encounters or passing conversations and connects your home rather than leaving a divide so it is about time that you put a spring in your step with some much needed TLC.

Probably the most drastic of all changes could be to entirely redesign your staircase altogether. Some homeowners like to opt for more understated style whilst others choose to accentuate their staircase through drastic styles like a spiral staircase or even completely glass.

Whilst extravagant materials can certainly turn your steps from drab to a feature piece in the home adding a touch of colour can have a similar effect. Matching neutrals and monochrome colours seems to be incredibly popular at the moment but as bold colours start to slowly creep back in colour matching seems to be as important as ever.

So why not stick to your chosen colour scheme and theme by matching your stairs. Much like bespoke shutters your stairs can act like a focal point of colour tying in the scheme together but with a feature that immediately grabs the attention of those in the room.


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