Relax a Little with a Spa Themed Interior

A trip to the spa is an indulgence that we all need to take, if not regularly then at least every now and then. With the stresses of a hectic everyday life building up bit by bit it’s ok to take a break every now and then, in fact it’s actually a lot better for your body. Overworking yourself can only lead to damage in the long-run. But if a day trip to the spa isn’t the ideal option for you then why not DIY? Create your very own Spa Themed Interior.

The most likely rooms in your home that will work well with your spa themed interior is either your bathroom or your bedroom, because these are considered personal areas of the home where most tend to relax. Obviously you’re wanting a little downtime in your own home then having a bit of privacy is of the utmost importance. If your home isn’t the most secluded, then perhaps consider a lock…or two.

The first area of decorating that helps you to plan and visualise how your room is going to plan out is the colour scheme. Though measurements help you to understand the layout and whether your items of furniture are going to fit in it is the colour that helps you to get the ball rolling, once you’ve picked your colour scheme you can then start to purchase the décor.

When it comes to a spa the standard colour scheme of choice is neutral, though often considered the more boring tones in the colour wheel they are in fact ideal in spa setting. Bright and vivid colours tend to invoke an emotion unintentionally whereas with more neutral colours the calming tones instead create a feeling of true tranquillity.

The key to creating a spa themed interior is through your senses. A spa is designed to provide an area to escape for a short period of time and your senses act as a sort of a blanket, shielding you from the stresses of elsewhere. The visual side of your interior is covered with your colour scheme and décor.

Sound is also something that plays an incredibly important role in relaxation. There are certain noises and tones that can instantly raise stress levels, so decorate your room to counteract rather than enhance every day noise levels.

Window shutters are not only a stylish element to add to your living space but work wonders in terms of noise cancellation, not to mention adding that extra layer of privacy that every home spa needs. Once you’ve turned down the volume on the rest of the world you may even want to play some calming music of your own.

Some of the more understated senses are both your sense of smell and touch. No spa would be complete without candles, they’re calming glow and incredible scent adds a soothing ambience to any room. To complete the quartet of senses consider the materials you are using, shutters use sleek hardwood that is smooth to the touch but there are also comforting materials that feel soft on the skin like a rug or even gentle towels.

Once you’ve combined all of these elements into your very own spa room you can be guaranteed to have an area of peace in your home


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