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Prevent Heat Loss With Shutters from Clement Browne

We’re still right in the middle of the winter season and it fact seems to be getting colder and colder. At this time of the year many homeowners are concerned with cutting down their consumption in order to save money on their bills. For this reason, economically friendly products have soared in the market.  Heating your home accounts for the largest portion of your home expenses however it is also the area in which the most energy is lost.


There are many ways to prevent heat loss in the home and in fact the majority of modern homes are forced to adhere to insulation standards. However, one of the major areas of the home in which the most heat loss occurs are through the windows. Fact and figures show that up 18% of heat lost within the home is through windows. But how can you prevent this?

Though this is an extremely effective way at preventing heat loss specifically through the windows it is still not 100% effective. At this point the next item that homeowners tend to look to is soft furnishings. Soft furnishings refer to items that are made of cloth and in this case homeowners choose the use of curtains and blinds in order to add an extra layer to their windows acting as a barrier keeping heat energy in.

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Window shutters are thought to be the latest trend in preventing heat loss within the home. Traditionally wooden window shutters were often installed on the outside of a home’s window and were often seen on a traditional farm house or country cottage. In contemporary interior design window shutters are now and elegant and stylish staple that adds a sophisticated feel to any modern home.

When it comes to creating an economical home interior window shutters are the ultimate solution to heat retention. Installing them could actually improve heat loss from up to 51% and save consumers up to £1100. Interior window shutters act much like curtains or blinds in that you are adding an additional layer of insulation, but a much more effective one. This is because both shutter panels and louvres can be closed creating a tight barrier between the pane of glass and the shutter minimising loss of heat energy through the air in stopping cold air from entering as a draught.

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It is not just the style of a window shutter that is the cause for its excellent insulation properties but also the materials used to manufacture the product. Most window shutters today are constructed out of hardwood or UPVC. Both of these materials are considered some of the best for providing heat insulation unlike metals which are conductors of heat energy. On a scientific level both plastic and wood have tightly packed particles that prevent energy travelling through so quickly in a similar way to a vacuum.

So overall when you choose to install interior window shutters in your home although it is a stunning addition to your contemporary design it’s a fantastic way to be economical without compromising on style.

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