Shutters VS Curtains and Blinds

When it comes to decorating your interior it can seem like a daunting task just due to the sheer amount of work there is to do. But if you take it step by step and make sure you do your research everything becomes clearer and the panic doesn’t have to kick in. Firstly, pick an area that you want to renovate. This can be any particular part of your home but in this blog post we are going to be focusing on shutters. Once you’ve picked your specific area then decide what exactly you want to change. This part still can be pretty daunting as even with such a small area like the windows there are still so many things to do and decide.

The alternative option to curtains are blinds. Blinds come in a variety of different styles whether its venetian, roman or roller. So you are spoilt for choice with options really as opposed to curtains. In a similar sense because some styles of blinds are fabric based you have a lot of choice when it comes to patterns and colours. On the other hand, similar to curtains the gaps in blinds mean light can easily be let in which can be irritating and doesn’t really serve its full purpose. In addition, some interior designers believe that blinds can appear cheap and therefore don’t really give off a great vibe for the interior.

For arguments sake we’ve picked window décor as opposed to other areas of the window like whether to have normal windows or double glazed and the types of glass etc. When it comes to window décor your options are either shutters, blinds or curtains. Again once you’ve decided on what specific topic you are focusing on you will still have numerous options. Interior design really is just a game of options. You will need to consider not only the benefits of each area but also how they will tie in with your homes interior style and also the colour schemes and patterns available.

Curtains are the most traditional option for your home so if you’re opting for a more rustic option then choose curtains. Curtains can be great to add a sense of luxury to your home as the fabrics and patterns often appear to expensive. This accompanies by the brass of curtain rail feels authentic and stylish. Curtains are great for keeping out light and giving privacy which is the intended function of the product but if there is a draft there can often be gaps in the curtains which can be annoying. Though there are an extremely wide variety of colour schemes and patterns available which may sway you.

It is for this reason that shutters have become a new trend when it comes to window décor. Shutters traditionally could be found on the outside of shop storefronts and this is due to them being able to completely block out the light and provide security in that no one can peer in through the cracks. Therefore, that makes shutters the perfect choice for your interior windows. The assumption that shutters are bland and boring as well as too chunky has been completely blown out of the window with modern homes. If you pardon the pun. With a wide range of styles from Bay window to Café style or tier on tier you have just as many options as curtains or blinds. Obviously during the day you want light to be able to come through so you keep the shutters open and at night when you want security and darkness you simply close the slacks without any gaps left. Opting for shutters doesn’t mean you then have to compromise on colour as we offer colour match.

Tracked Window Shutters

Really for your modern interior shutters are the best option, with a great price, vibrant colours and exclusive styles without any of the faults of blind or curtains what’s not to love? Shutters win.


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