Small Room Solutions

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. There are some rooms in the home that we simply can’t do anything about the size. Every home has its typical box small room whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom or even kitchen.

It’s not like we can knock down the walls and just build a new room, sometimes you just have to learn to make do. So here’s some small room solutions that might help you out a little bit.

The first key to surviving small rooms is to understand your storage options. There is a common misconception when it comes to storage and that is that it has to be ugly. The reality is much more different.

Not only can you use storage as a way to make save space in any room but you can also turn it into a stylish focal piece. For example, a simple spice rack can add an authentic look to your kitchen interior.

There are certain items within the home that we can’t live without and furniture is certainly one of them. I mean, what is the use with having a home if you have nowhere to sit down, sleep or eat. If your home is lacking a little extra room, consider some innovative space saving furniture items like fold up tables or beds that contain storage underneath.

Window coverings are something that most homeowners would see as a necessity but of course there are some that enhance your room as opposed to simply causing clutter. Window shutters are a great way to achieve style without compromising on space, since you can have your shutters folded back or simply have the operable louvres open to let in some natural light.

Some of us go a little crazy when it comes to decorating our home but it is important to remember that sometimes minimal is better. It’s difficult to visit a home store or shop online without seeing thousands of trinkets and ornaments that we fall in love with but if you go overboard you can end up making your home look cluttered. Try taking a less is more approach to your home as open spaces can often make rooms seem larger than they actually are.

If you really are limited on space, then you truly have to make the most of what you have. Though you may have little floor space and probably not even enough room to swing a cat there is somewhere that you definitely do have space, and that’s in the height of your room. You can consider stacking items and making the most of your walls with shelves or pegs.


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