Struggling to Find Velux Shutters?

When it comes to windows they all come in different shapes and sizes, let’s face it no two windows are truly the same. So when it comes to your home design it can often be difficult to find a window covering that matches. For those who have Velux windows the search is even more difficult.

With the rise of loft conversions in houses as homeowners are choosing to create more space for themselves as opposed to moving there has been a rise in Velux windows. Most loft conversions are fitted with Velux windows as a result of the slant in the roof.

With the position of loft conversions in the home it means that most homeowners are in desperate need of some sort of window covering as there really is no escape from the natural light beaming through the glass. However, there is a common misconception about the types of window coverings that are available.

The first misconception of dressing your loft window is that because of the gradient of the roof and window you can only have blinds installed, wrong. The second misconception is that you also have to compromise on style. This is also wrong.

As the saying goes where there is a will there is a way. You can in fact have stunning  Velux shutters installed if you have for your loft windows. At Clement Browne we follow the same measuring and fitting process as we do with normal window, we just simply use locks to hold the shutter into place.

So don’t compromise on your home design. You can choose elegant bespoke Velux shutters for even the trickiest of spaces and reap the benefits of completely functional light control in your loft space.


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