Staying in the Shade this Summer

With temperatures reaching almost unbearable levels, which if you’re a Brit isn’t too hard it’s time to start choosing a shading solution for your home. British homes aren’t really built to withstand any sort of extreme weather conditions whether it’s snow or a heatwave and let’s face it staying indoors isn’t really the first of our priorities in the summer sun.

But regardless of how many fun activities we have lined up for the holidays there is still going to be at least some sort of period in which we will end up indoors. We all have to sleep. If you’re a fussy sleeper, then the weather conditions can even impact on your 8 hours a day.

So don’t let the weather ruin your day, take back your home with a shading solution tailored just for you. Window shutters are incredibly popular at the moment and the amount of window shutters seen in the home has increased tenfold and this is simply just because homeowners have realised the benefits of having a stylish shading solution in their home.

With the many different styles of shutters available you can choose a bespoke shutter to cater to yours and your home’s needs. For example, if you are looking to add a little more shade to your home, especially if you have the sun beating down on your windows, but still want to have the option of having natural light without making it too hot then you have a variety of different louvre sizes to choose from. With the larger louvres allowing for the maximum amount of light and the smaller louvres creating more shade.

Having a choice of separate tiers of independently operating panels or just single panels also allows you to pick and choose when you want to keep your home cool. If you’re home get’s the most amount of sunlight in the morning then consider having your panels shut of a night time, ready for the morning. Having a completely bespoke shutter gives you a world of choice so you can be ready to tackle the bright heat.


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