Tier on Tier Shutters for Tall Windows

When looking for a dream home there are often certain features that we look for that appeal to us. In fact, when shopping on the property market most prospective buyers have a checklist of what they are exactly looking for. One feature that seems to be a hot choice is height. Homeowners love to have tall ceilings and tall windows in their home. That is why Tier on Tier Shutters are so popular, because they are ideal choice of interior window shutter for tall windows.

It’s believed that this urge to have tall windows has stemmed from the Victorian era in which terraced style homes featured them to give the illusion of grandeur. Though perhaps the desire to have tall windows may even come from churches which often have large stained windows. One thing is for sure it is a lot more pleasant to have a wonderful view and open up your living space as opposed to having a cramped interior.

Tier on Tier Shutters refers to tiered panels that combine to form one single large shutter. Each tier operates independently from one another as well as the louvres also operating independently. Tier on Tier Shutters look fantastic on large windows as they accentuate the impressive architecture of your home.

But it’s not just in terms of aesthetics that make Tier on Tier shutters so great. They are fantastic for providing stability to your window. The smaller frames reduce the amount of weight and pressure being put on the hardwood which in turn reduces warping. So what could be better than a stronger shutter that lasts longer.

So if you’re looking for shutter style that suits you perfectly then don’t just consider style, though of course window shutters are the perfect finishing touch, but consider how they will practically work with your window. After all at the end of the day window shutters sere the purpose of light control, noise cancellation and added privacy.


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