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Window Shutter Styles and Where They Would Fit

Window shutters are a classic and stylish addition to any home but it can often be confusing as to what window shutter styles will best suit your home let alone fit in your window. If you feel like window shutter styles could give your home an elegant appeal then take a read through this blog post which will outline the different options of shutters available and even what part of your home they will best suit.

Firstly a common misconception about shutters is that they are only an external feature in the home but in fact it is becoming more and more popular to have interior window shutters fitted as seen in popular magazines like Elle Décor. The fact that they can be measured and modified to fit any window now thanks to experienced fitters’ means that interior window shutters are now a lot more accessible.

Additionally, shutters are often avoided due to the stigma attached that they are “too traditional” but with modern technology and a little magic from shutter companies like us that is no longer true. You can even get them in whatever colour you like thanks to new colour matching services available. Shutters are putting a modern twist on interior design; it would be silly to miss out. But just how many window shutter styles are there?

Full Height Window Shutters

What are they? Full-length panels cover the whole of the window. They are easily fitted and provide fitting a mid-rail you however will leave a clean cut with more practical function. Typically, unlike other window shutter styles they are fitted as two independently operating panels.

Where would I put them? As each panel works separately this makes full height shutters the perfect fit for any room that is particularly lived in such as the sitting room or bedrooms. This is because you it allows you to easily control the light coming in and also provides an additional layer of privacy.

Bay Window Shutters

What are they? Bay window shutters operate similarly to curtains however are less heavy duty. As opposed to obscuring your bay they enhance them and provide a more open-flow, uncluttered feel.

Where would I put them? These shutters are perfect for any room that needs as much light as possible but without having to compromise on privacy. Perhaps in a kitchen or even your living room as a feature piece.

Café Style Window Shutters

What are they? These shutters only cover the bottom half of the window with the rest of the window being un-shuttered.

Where would I put them?

These shutters are ideal for any ground floor room as they give you the best of both worlds. Providing you with privacy whilst still being able to have the openness of a normal window as well as having a continental aesthetic.

Tier-On-Tier Window Shutters

What are they? These shutters as suggested by the name have layers of independent panels, which allow for easy adjustability.

Where would I put them? These shutters are best suited to areas of the home that need additional security and little light such as the majority of rooms that are not on the ground level.

Shaped Window Shutters

What are they? Shaped shutters are a more custom option designed for any interior window that is of an unusual shape and does not fit the other styles of shutters.

Where would I put them? These shutters are particularly unique and extremely stylish. They would be perfect as a feature area in your home like a bedroom or in the hallway.

Tracked Window Shutters

What are they? Tracked window shutters have specially designed additional hinges to offer a full height option with the movement of a bay window shutter.

Where would I put them? A kitchen would be a great place to have tracked window shutters as it offers you both the ability to let in light but to close it when needed.

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