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At Home With Interior's Influencer Hannah

Step inside Hannah's beautiful inky-hued living room, complete with Clement Browne shutters.

29th July 2021

Take it from us, there is just so much to admire when scrolling down Hannah’s Instagram feed. Her home is utterly gorgeous, with inky hues aplenty and intricate details that just add effortlessly to the charm.

Littleharrowdenehouse was started in 2016 by Hannah as a way to share the renovations of her 1930s home. Since then, it has garnered over 40 thousand followers, many of them in awe of her interior projects and incredible transformations that quite literally cause your jaw to drop and have you racing to the like button.

Her living room is featured prominently on her feed, and who can blame her? In the last few years, the space has seen the welcome addition of black panelling (Lick’s Black 01, if you were wondering.) and a dark ceiling to match (Valspar Dinner Jacket). It is a bold choice, but one that pays off so gracefully, making the room feel even cosier than it already is. There are so many little details to admire, from the metallic letters sitting atop the panelling and the old shop sign sitting under the bay window.

Littleharrowdenehouse Clement Browne Shutters
Clement Browne Certified Hardwood Shutters

Clement Browne

Certified Hardwood Shutters


Lick Black 01 Paint


Black 01 Paint


Valspar Paint Dinner Jacket Paint

Valspar Paint

Dinner Jacket Paint


We always say our shutters are the perfect finishing touch to any room, and Hannah’s living space was naturally no exception. The curved bay window at the front of her property called to be enhanced, and shutters, as always, offered a sophisticated look that comes with effortless light and privacy control.

“I’ve been dreaming of the day my windows would finally look like this,” Hannah writes as she described the transformation. After living in renovations for over two years and realising she had wonky windows (nothing to worry about - most people do and don’t even realise it!), she decided to leave the shutters to us. “The combination of living in an old house with wonky walls and a five-bay window meant this wasn’t a DIY job we were going to tackle ourselves.”

Littleharrowdenehouse Clement Browne Shutters

Our Master of Product, John, visited Hannah’s home for her survey and quotation appointment. “For such a big investment, I thought it was important that John went through all of the options available as nothing beats seeing things in person,” Hannah writes. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we take the time to allow you to have a good look at our samples and why we bring everything with us - every style, every option. “In additional to that, having him on hand to ask all the questions I had was invaluable as this meant I was 100% confident in my final decision, which is very rare for me!”

She chose hardwood shutters in the colour Morning Mist (we'd describe it as a chalky, off-white shade), 89mm louvres (our largest option that works beautifully well on large windows and doors), antique brass hinges and clearview spilt.

Littleharrowdenehouse Clement Browne Bay Window Shutters

The finished result is just stunning, even if we do say so ourselves. Our shutters blend beautifully within Hannah’s interior and adequately provide the privacy and light control she desired.

“I’m still in love with this room,” Hannah writes, “and I cannot express how much of a difference my shutters from Clement Browne have made.” Call us biased, but we couldn't agree more. 

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