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Interior's Influencer, Jess's Front Room Renovation

Taking a peek into Jessica's Clement Browne journey.

05th August 2021

There is so much detail to admire when you pay a visit to Jess's Instagram feed. Her home is just magnificent, with a neutral, almost monochrome theme running through it. The pieces are luxurious and elegant, and the attention to detail is just impeccable. It's a cosy home, complete with two adorable house bunnies, so it's no surprise Jess has the rather impressive following she does. 

With 84.7k followers, it's clear to see that Jess's home has attracted a vast audience, all of which adore her friendly and welcoming nature as she shows them around her stunning home. Jess's renovations are also wonderful and captivating, so we were ecstatic when she mentioned that she was thinking about shutters for her living room bay window. 

"I initially wasn’t sure whether to change from curtains," Jess writes, but she was initially charmed by how homely shutters can be. Their sophisticated and versatile design means they lend themselves well to any interior (and exterior!) style, but as soon as we saw Jess's gorgeous living room, we knew they would be right at home. 

Littleharrowdenehouse Clement Browne Shutters

The curved bay window in this room is a stunning feature that called to be enhanced. Shutters remain a stunning choice for curved windows. Due to their bespoke nature, they naturally fit like a glove, more than curtains or blinds would. Not only that, you benefit tremendously from the added control shutters offer. Light control is essential with such a vast window, and with our shutters, you can simply adjust the louvres or fully open the panels to choose how much light to let stream into your home. If your window is sitting at the front of a property, you'll benefit from the added privacy too. 

Call us biased, but we think all of the fun is in designing the shutters. They are fully bespoke, so together alongside our Designers, you'll choose all the details, ultimately creating something that is nothing but perfect for your home and interior. Jess selected our Certified Hardwood shutters with an 89mm louvre size (certainly best for vaster windows). The colour she chose was Pristine, a dazzling white that was the perfect match to her home, and she went with white hinges as well for a beautifully cohesive look. Jess also picked our tier-on-tier style, again, another much-adored look for larger windows, as it allows you even further control. You can operate the top half of the shutters independently from the bottom, so if you want the light to stream in through the top louvres but wish to keep your privacy intact at the bottom, a tier-on-tier style will achieve that with ease. 

"I can’t believe how much shutters have transformed this room," Jess writes on her Instagram. It's true; the finished result is undoubtedly magnificent, effortlessly enhancing this room with such remarkable ease. But for Jess, the benefits go so much further than just aesthetic, "I absolutely love the light they let in," she explains, "they make it feel so homely and cosy." 

If you're interested in beautiful, bespoke shutters for your home, then we've made it easier than ever to start your journey with us. You can book your no-cost and no-obligation appointment here, and we'll handle the rest. As Jess explains herself, "we went with Clement Browne (and) they have made the entire process so easy and stress-free. From the initial design consultation, right through to installation. Offering lots of help and advice along the way."

Jess's living room transformation is the most wonderful showcase of how wonderfully shutters can positively enhance your home. The same can most certainly be done for yours too.

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