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At Home With... Laura and her Nursery Transformation

Laura had designed a soothing and calm nursery, but it needed that finishing touch. That's where we came in.

12th August 2021

"We put so much thought into this space," Laura writes, "but the paper blinds were somewhat ruining the vibe." Laura's nursery is a dream. Pastel pink paint occupies the wall, soft toys are found in every corner, and all the delicate details (including those sparkly stars) make for a beautifully inviting space, just perfect for a little one.

We've always recognised the importance of light control in a nursery. Daytime naps are common and according to many of our longtime customers, can be aided with our shutters. The louvres allow you to shut out the light if need be, and the panels themselves can be fully opened if you wish for it to stream in. Shutters offer you the flexibility that other window coverings can't and their sophisticated and versatile aesthetic? Just a bonus, if you ask us.

As mentioned above, Laura was using paper blinds to try and block out the light and precisely control the privacy in baby Bea's nursery, which as anyone will tell you, is less than ideal. We knew our shutters would make all the difference, and Laura did too. She recognized she needed the control, alongside something that suited the aesthetic of the room, and that's where we stepped in. 

Littleharrowdenehouse Clement Browne Shutters
Clement Browne Certified Hardwood Shutters

Clement Browne

Certified Hardwood Shutters


French Connection Small Poppy Field Rug

French Connection

Small Poppy Field Rug


H&M Home Large Soft Toy

H&M home

Large Soft Toy


It's all in the details. We allow you to completely customise your shutters (alongside our Masters of Products, experts in the field) so you can create something perfect for you and your home. "We opted for hardwood (shutters) for its durability and sustainability", Laura shares "(and) 63mm louvres to ensure maximum light." Ideal for a north-facing property where light is already limited. Like most of our customers, she chose our antique brass hinges, which offer a timeless finish and stunning contrast to our white and grey shutters. She also selected our Pristine colour (a dazzling white) and a clearview spilt. 

We know that when making your choices, it can be a little tricky to visualise the final design. We do everything we can to assist you to visualise how your shutters will look whilst at your appointment "(Our Master of Product) was an absolute star. He drew everything up so I could conceptualise it and was thorough in his explanations. (It) really helped me visualise the end goal and ensure the choices would complement the property as well as my overall aesthetic," Laura writes. It's why, when you receive your comprehensive and detailed quotation from us, you'll, in addition, receive digital drawings of your design. 

Call us biased, but the shutters produced such an exceptional difference to baby Bea's nursery. The design; clean, simple and sophisticated, complements Laura's beautiful interior with such ease. The shutters themselves also enhance the bay window gracefully, with their fully bespoke nature meaning that we could offer something perfect for the main windows at the front of the property and the narrower windows to the side. 

They additionally provided Laura with that much-needed light control and privacy. "I can't believe what a difference they made!" Laura writes, "Goodbye ugly paper blinds and nosey strangers!"

We were able to effortlessly transform Laura's beautiful nursery and give her the control that she eagerly desired. "The quality is next level and the lead time was way quicker than I'd been quoted by other companies," Laura explains. The finished result is absolutely delightful, the perfect finishing touch to this already lovely nursery. Thinking of commencing your Clement Browne journey? Book your no-cost and no-obligation survey and quotation appointment here

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