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bohemian Living with Laura

And how our shutters compliment the style. 

02nd September 2021

"When we bought our 1960's house three years ago, we didn't realise quite how large the windows in all the rooms were," Laura writes when discussing her beautiful living room and the vast window it features."It wasn't until we needed to find curtains/blinds to fit that we realised quite how big they were and how nothing we were looking at was going to fit."

Like the rest of her stunning home, Laura's living room is just delightful. It's been styled beautifully, with light and airy boho accents dotted around, establishing an uplifting space full of energy. The window is undoubtedly a charming feature, generously offering an abundance of natural light into the room. However, like all other windows, it required a suitable covering that guaranteed privacy and allowed control of that lovely light. 

At Home with Laura Clement Browne Shutters
Clement Browne Certified Hardwood Shutters

Clement Browne

Certified Hardwood Shutters


Farrow & Ball Off Black Paint


Stag Artwork


Nkuku Gigantic Antique Metal Kiko Frame

Farrow & Ball

Pavilion Gray


After years of living with, as Laura puts it herself, "half-hearted attempts" at trying to successfully cover the window, she just knew she eagerly desired something that worked so much more efficiently and could be in her home quickly. That's where Clement Browne came in. Our shutters are fully bespoke, so we knew we'd be able to offer a viable option that fitted Laura's window with ease, and we knew we could manufacture and install her shutters within one month too. Yes, you read that right, only one month.

This option is possible with our British-Made PVC shutters. Strong, durable and most certainly built to typically last, our PVC shutters come with the added benefit of being moisture-resistant and strengthened with an aluminium core for extra measure. Because of this, most of our clients find them perfectly at home in their bathroom or kitchen, but Laura's lovely living room perfectly demonstrates that they can be used in every room in the home. Oh, and don't worry if you already have our hardwood option and are questioning whether these will match. They will, the PVC shutters are virtually indistinguishable from our hardwood product, so you can mix and combine materials however you please. 

At Home with Kristine Clement Browne Shutters


At Home with Kristine Clement Browne Shutters


At Home with Kristine Clement Browne Shutters

After her Survey and Quotation appointment — which Laura said was the "most straightforward quotation I think I've ever had" — we were back in just two weeks to fully install her shutters. Laura was free of her half-hearted window covering attempts and at long last had something that not only perfectly suited her window but allowed her that critical privacy and light control. Laura explains herself, "we can control the light coming into the room, making it lighter when the days are darker letting the light stream in, and then when the light is bright in the summer, and the kids can't see the television we can just tilt them to redirect the light."

"We are over the moon with them," Laura writes, "they are beautiful [and] they add so much character to what were slightly uninspiring windows." We couldn't agree more. For many of our customers, shutters become so much more than just a window covering. They become part of the interior, part of the overall design, and this was most certainly the case with Laura's. The shutters are stunning and ticked every single one of her boxes too. That's the beauty of shutters, they're versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Just how window coverings should be. 

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Quotes taken from Laura's own blog post documenting her experience with Clement Browne, which you can read here -

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