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At Home with Rose, Instagram Interiors Influencer

Classic details, pastel touches… and a coral pink shutter. Rosemary’s home is full of dreams. Here’s how our shutters transformed it.

20th June 2021

"Since the day we moved in, shutters have been on our wish list," Rosemary writes. Her home is gorgeous, full of stunning period details that she has enhanced beautifully, and a touch of a pastel hue in every room that makes scrolling through her Instagram feed a dream. Her followers unsurprisingly adore it too, and with over sixty-four thousand following along with her interior journey, it's clear that Rosemary's home has made quite the impression. 

One of those stunning details is the two bay windows at the front of her home that would make any interior fan swoon. They're gorgeous, but we knew all too well that such a large window size means that having control over your privacy, and of course, the amount of light streamed into your home, a little tricky. We equally know that many people wish for a window covering that offers that control with ease, plus the aesthetic that compliments the well-thought-out interiors of their home.

Once we saw those windows, we reached out to Rosemary, asking if she was considering shutters for her home.

Farrow & Ball

Wimbourne White Paint



Skye Double Bed


Pottery Barn Kids

Dahlia Chandelier


Cotswold Co

Foxcote Large Round Mirror


Clement Browne

Full Height Shutters


Clement Browne Bay Window Shutters At Home With Rose Instagram Interiors Influencer

Control the louvres to shut out the light or let it in; fully open the panels if you wish. Many people have also sung their praises in regards to keeping their house a little warmer during the harsh British winter. Those with sash windows have said they have become saviours for helping to shut out noisy traffic outside. For others, they are a sophisticated touch that enhances the interior and introduces kerb appeal too. But for most, they are all of the above.

Rosemary agreed, and together alongside our Master of Product, Steve, we designed the perfect shutters for Rosemary's home. "Steve was brilliant at helping us narrow down our options and demonstrated how each style would work."

At that appointment, Rosemary chose our 100% hardwood shutters in the colour Pristine White (a bright, true white that is unquestionably one of our most popular choices - it compliments everything) and white hinges. Our 76mm louvres ideally suited her window size, so, like most of our customers, she opted for them too. A centre rod control is a lovely choice and one that is popular with those looking to create a classic and sophisticated design.

Clement Browne Bay Window Shutters At Home with Rose Instagram Interiors Influencer
Clement Browne Pink Shutters At Home With Rose Instagram Interiors Influencer

Steve returned to install her shutters, and a thrilled Rosemary can't contain her excitement. "They have given our home a totally new feel and offered so much more than just privacy. Our journey from start to finish with Clement Browne has been seamless and utterly professional." The transformation was stunning and, like many of our customers, left Rosemary wanting more.

We returned just a year later to fit more of our shutters, this time with something slightly different. Talking about her daughter's bedroom, Rosemary writes, "I have been eyeing up [the] gorgeous coral pink colour sample ever since they installed our bay window shutters, but just didn't have the guts to go big… until we started Daisy's little makeover,". Coloured shutters are a bold choice, especially if you choose to go for something a little brighter, but they're undoubtedly joyful and part of the design for a children's room; you can most certainly get away with something a little different.

The pink coral shutters are beautiful; there's no denying that, and they compliment Rosemary's home with such ease. The pop of colour is consistent with the other pastel touches throughout her home, and they bring such a fun element to her daughter's room that suits the design beautifully. As Rosemary writes herself, "this little room needed one last injection of fun, and the pink shutters couldn't be more perfect."

Clement. Browne Coral Shutters At Home With Rose Instagram Interiors Influencer
At home With Rose - Instagram Interiors Influencer Clement Browne Shutters

That's the beauty of shutters. You can alter the details from room to room, and the look will still be consistent. For her other daughter's bedroom, Rosemary chose Pristine White shutters that suited that particular interior so much more and perfectly matched the shutters already at her bay windows.

As for Rose, her happiness regarding her shutters is clear. "I honestly didn't realise how much of a transformation they would make to our home!" She writes, "I can't thank the amazing team at Clement Browne enough. From the re-measure appointment right through to our installation day, they have been nothing but professional and considerate to our needs."

A happy home, even if we do say so ourselves.

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