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Creating A Sleep Sanctuary

Everything needed for the perfect's night sleep.

24th May 2021

Designing your bedroom space is a delicate balance of creating a visual aesthetic you adore and producing a room that welcomes undisturbed tranquillity and, in turn, sleep. It's certainly possible and perhaps even more straightforward than first thought. It's typically only a few key pieces that gently help to find that balance, and it doesn't always require altering your initial plan or design.

We all recognize the importance of a good nights' sleep. We need to rest and need to rest well, and doing so requires a setting that allows us to achieve just that. With many of us also having to turn our bedrooms into temporary home offices or classrooms, it's now the time to reclaim that space and turn it into the sleep sanctuary it truly deserves to be.

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Photography: Rosemary Bickers

 Curate the perfect palette 

Choosing the colour palette is one of the most wonderous joys of uniquely designing your home. Colour is powerful. It represents emotions and places and is a visual delight that has one of the most significant impacts on our homes.

The colour palette can instantly alter the mood of a room. The hues effortlessly uplift, or they can add a gentle touch of serenity. They cause joy or even a state of content. Whatever you require your colour palette to be, you can create it using your chosen colours' variations.

In bedrooms, a place we require to switch off and relax our minds, a soothing colour palette works wonders. Blues and greens are instantly calming and serene, and science shows they work too. Neutral colour palettes — think soft almonds and milky whites — are not only a prominent trend for this year (and undoubtedly many more to come) but are also absolutely at home in a bedroom. The shades are non-offensive, calming and a wonderful choice to those reluctant to bring brighter colours into the room.

Farrow & Ball

Calamine Paint


Farrow & Ball

Stone Blue Paint


Farrow & Ball

Skimming Stone Paint


Farrow & Ball

Teresa's Green Paint


Sparking Joy

Stress is a known barrier to relaxation and sleep, and cluttered, maybe even messy spaces can be a catalyst for that. It’s certainly worth finding some time to take a closer look at the items, decor pieces and trinkets dotted around your room and questioning whether they truly require to be on display. It could be as simple as tidying up your bedside table even just a little. Make room for a lamp, maybe some fresh flowers, hand cream and your watch. Or, clearing the top of your chest of draws.

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and truly consider what it is that brings you joy. It’s those items to treasure and to keep proudly on display. Everything else? Maybe it’s time to find another home for it for now and re-consider again in a few months time.

Quite simply, a calm surround? A calm mind.

Wild at Heart

Cotton Cloud Bouquet



Jessie Trinket Dish


Newgate Clocks

Charlie Bell Alarm Clock


Light the Way

In a bedroom, low lighting is key to making sure you are receiving your full eight hours. However, that doesn't mean you should altogether ditch those brighter lights. We'd recommend a dimming switch, allowing you maximum brightness when you're getting prepared in the morning, but something a little softer in the evening when flicking through your favourite book.

A lamp is an essential bedside table item. Select a design that complements your interior and choose a lightbulb that carefully avoids anything exceptionally harsh and bright. No bedside tables? Wall lamps are perfect for this. Position on the wall above your headboard but within reaching distance so you can still take advantage of a cosy glow.

Buster + Punch

1G Dimmer - Smoked Bronze



Briz Wall Lamp


Buster + Punch

Buster Bulb



Vetro Table Lamp


Dress Your Bed

Designing a soothing surround is wonderful, but it’s only a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of creating a sleep sanctuary. The more significant part is the materials you dress your bed with. We surround ourselves with these pieces as we sleep, so it only fits that you carefully choose quality and comfort that suits your sleeping style.

It’s personal to everyone, so we’d certainly recommend taking the time to pinpoint what suits you. Do you require a mattress that offers you more support? A duvet that truly cocoons you? Do you prefer soft sheets or something heavier?

The perfect starting point? Think about your stays in hotels or guest bedrooms and consider the various elements you prefer; you can then start building it all out, creating the perfect, bespoke feel for you.

Enlighten all of the senses 

Interiors work best when they are a sensory experience. When you’ve considered how the space feels, its scent and more, the room becomes instantly homely, with a comfort and welcoming feel like no other.

Lavender has been scientifically proven to gently encourage reduced stress and help aid a night of peaceful sleep, so it naturally finds itself most perfectly at home within a bedroom. There are so many delightful ways to bring in the floral scent too. Candles, diffusers, essential oils, or sprays all work gracefully to help encourage restful sleep and fill the room with a calming scent.

Sounds can work magnificently too. Why not try a sleep sounds playlist instead for those who like to fall asleep with the television? Fill the room with notes of gentle waves against the shore or falling rain on the path. Our relationship with nature is a positive one, and anything that aids us to reinforce that connection can support our well-being, which helps to relax and calm us.

Neom Organics

Wellbeing Pod



One SL


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